Cape Boat and Ski-boat Club Old Members Reunion

Earl was looking through old Club magazines and the articles and photographs brought back fond memories of the founder members from way back when.   “Wouldn’t it be great, he said, to gather all these old friends together again – bring them all for a function at the club.”

Easier said than done!  How do you get hold of all these legends?   Some, sadly, have passed on, others are overseas and almost all have changed their addresses.   Undaunted he got hold of old membership lists and started the search.  He emailed, telephoned and coerced people who might know this one or that to find the missing people!

This all started sometime in September with the view of getting 100 oldies together.   The response was phenomenal and on Saturday 23 January The Club entertained 140 friends from the past.   Photo  albums, magazines and memorabilia were brought and great memories were resurrected and spoken about.  There was an amazing vibe as friends gathered in groups both inside and out at the beautiful venue at Rumbly Bay.

Thanks to the current members who donated and braaied yellowtail which was served in addition to the spit roast lamb, veggies, salads and chips.  Our club manageress, Colleen, excelled herself in organising the staff and helpers in the setting up , preparing and serving of the food.   Thanks too, to all those helpers.

Thanks too for all those who attended – you are all legends and the Club appreciates all that you did in those early years to build up the Club.  May the current members never forget your legacy.

The wine was generously donated by Springfield Wine Estate, Cowland Wines and Rosberg Wines.

How amazing it was to have Guy Rowe and his band who in their seventies are still doing gigs.   And of course we all enjoyed the music of our youth!

The photos will show the joy of the event.


Thanks to the younger members for donating and braaing the yellowtail!


Fun catching up with each other over a one or six beers


Hymie Steyn, a legend of note with Leander Wiit current chairman of Western Province Angling Association


Lyn Shield and Carolyn Fourie catching up


Diana and Ray  who came all the way from England having fun with Alan and Evelyn


Stuart and Andrew


Enjoying the Miss Lucy Wine donated by Springfield Estate




For more photographs please look on the Cape Boat and Ski-boat Facebook site.





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