Birding on The Agulhas Plain and Fun with Friends

It was fairly windy on Wednesday so we did not expect to see many birds when we set off for a drive.  And, no we didn’t have record breaking sightings but still we enjoyed ourselves


Roberts No 1 – Ostriches in the company of cattle egrets


I am always happy to see our National Bird although this time they decided to keep their distance.


Later in the day this Blue Crane posed obligingly

It was good to see a number of Steppe Buzzards on the telephone lines and also hunting in the farmlands.


This was one of many that we saw on the ground

At lunch time we stopped at a farm called Nachtwacht which has a restaurant for fine diners.   As it was the middle of the week we found ourselves to be the only patrons there.  Nevertheless we were served with the most beautifully prepared rack of lamb served with mash and vegetables.  The service was friendly and the waiter treated us like Royalty. There was also an interesting art gallery in an old stable.


Nachtwaght Restaurant between Bredasdorp and Arniston


A fine place to dine


The rack of lamb was stunning


We found a Paradise Flycatcher in the garden

On the way home we found a troop of baboons who scarpered into the bush at our approach except for a few brave ones who obliged us with a photo shoot


This little baby felt quite safe on Mommy’s back.

When we arrived home Earl discovered that his friend, Gareth from England had arrived in Struisbaai so he invited him for supper. We cooked a chicken in the Weber and had a very pleasant evening catching up.  The next morning Gareth came for breakfast before moving from his accommodation to stay with Clive who was down for the weekend.

There is a South League competition this weekend so quite a few Capetonians are here for the weekend.  Friends of ours from Aba Dabi are arrived on Thursday too.  Earl took Gareth around Struisbaai and Agulhas this morning and he was amazed to see how the place had grown since his last visit.   In the afternoon I went for a swim and met up with Clive and Gerald – another chap from the past!

We all got together for dinner at Seagulls.  What a great evening we had.


Gareth and Clive enjoying their first pre-dinner beer


Ray and Percilla 

Earl and Helen

Percilla’s photo of Earl and Me

Gus, Jacqui and Karla arrived for the competition after 8 last night having been held up by all the roadworks on the way.  We’d already had a lovely braai by the time the boys, Gareth, Sam and Chris arrived but they had stopped to eat at The Spur in Caledon.  They’d towed Sam’s new boat down.

This morning the fishermen and one fishergirl were up before five and ready to launch at 6.   Jacqui and I had a wonderful day to ourselves.  We walked down to the beach for a swim then went to Potpourri for breakfast.   It is now almost 4 o’clock and we have just heard the call for lines up on the radio.  We will soon be invaded by the gang and hopefully it will be fish for supper tonight!
Tomorrow I will publish the photographs.




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