Struisbaai and The South League Competition

What a successful South League Off-shore competition it was for Team Kiora – Earl, Gus and Karla (10) and Team Red-Head – (Sam (18) Gareth (22 and Chris (Die ou man at 31)

They all had brilliant catches but Karla was the hands-down winner!   This amazing little girl who has been fishing with her dad since she was barely out of nappies caught two yellow-fin tuna 13,39kg each and two skipjack tuna, 4 Kob, 1 Santer and a red stump.

The men on Team Kiora caught a yellow-fin tuna each, Gus caught 2 skipjack and they each caught 5 Kob.

Team Red Head also did quite well with some yellowfin and red stump.

All the other teams did well too so it will be interesting to see the final results.


Kiora coming onto the trailer – Struisbaai Harbour


Karla at the weigh-in with her Yellowfin Tuna


The smaller species count heavily towards points


Quite a catch for a 10-year-old girl.  She beat all the participating junior boys!


Team Red-Head – Sam (Skipper) Chris and Gareth

It was a rewarding day. But after the fun, the cleaning of the boats and fish as well as the cooking thereof must follow.   Karla was exhausted but she still willing did her share of the work.


Still smiling while cleaning the fish


Totally exhausted but still prepared to fry the delicious fresh fish


Sam, Chris and Gareth ready to partake of a feast of fish


Fishermen’s Friend, Andrew who mans the shore-based radio communications joined us for Earl’s famous fried fish

It was very late when everybody finally got to bed and I can assure you nobody was up with the early sparrows chirping outside my bedroom window!  We decided that cooking breakfast was not an option so instead we headed to Potpourri in Agulhas and enjoyed their delicious fare instead.


It was way cooler outside than in and what a happy brekkie it was





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