A Cape Bird Club Outing to False Bay Ecology Park

Although I arrange the outings programme for The Cape Bird Club, living in Struisbaai prevents me from attending most of them.   Circumstances brought me to Cape Town for a few days which became extended for another week so I was delighted to be able to attend February’s weekday outing led by my friend, Heather.

How lovely that the sun was shining and the wind not blowing too strongly.   We had a group of about 12 – four in each car.


A Perfect Day for Birding

False Bay Ecology Park consists of a number of ponds which boast a variety of birdlife and at this time of the year it is good for waders.  These birds are difficult to identify specially when they’re far away and there is no telescope available.   However, our leader was amazing and with lots of discussion with other good birders and referring to the field guide we managed to agree on what they were.  We were delighted to find greenshank, curlew, ruff, little stint, three banded plover and Kitlitz plover.  Here are two of them.


Common Greenshank behind, Ruff in front.

Little Stints

These little stints were taken by me on another occasion

Swallows are often found near water, as are brown throated martins.   We found Barn Swallows and Martins but the white-throated and striped swallows were conspicuous by their absence.

Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows

Every pond was great to see and we spent three happy hours exploring and admiring the birdlife.  We got a list of 57 species and hereunder are photos of just a few.




Black-winged Stilt


The African Jacana shouldn’t be here but he hasn’t read the field guide.


Shelducks are infrequent visitors to FBEP – Heather’s way of remembering which one is the  female?  The female wears white face powder.


The graceful pelican


A zitting cisticola


FBEP is famous for its greater flamingos (in front) so but today some Lesser Flamingos (behind) joined them


Lesser flamingos have maroon bills with a black tip – juveniles have a dark bill with black tip


A flamboyance of Lesser Flamingos


Spur-winged Geese


Black-shouldered Kite


This Kittlitz Plover tried to attract us away from its chick.


The chick sat dead still and was beautifully camouflaged – we had a peep then left them in peace.


One can also find bokkies in the park – this is a grysbok

It was great meeting new people and catching up with members I know.  We all had a jolly good time.


Our leader on the left


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