Struisbaai -Two Oceans Marlin Competition

When there is a fishing festival or event, our quiet little fishing town wakes up and shows its true colours.   The Tenth Two Ocean’s Marlin Competition held here last week, ( I mentioned it briefly in a previous post) seemed doomed to failure as the weather provided only one good fishing day which was last Friday.  The boats that got to the 45 mile bank were confronted with green and cold water but worked their way back to Halfway House where the water was better and managed to get a few big yellowtail and a Dorado.

Other boats fished outside of the 12 mile bank where they found shoals of small yellowfin tuna. No marlin were hooked but some were sighted.

It’s a marlin competition so no other species counts for the trophy.  So when the weatherman predicted that Sunday’s conditions would be perfect, they decided to extend the competition by one day!  And this is how the competition was saved with one boat catching and releasing a 90kg marlin, the only one caught, thus winning the competition!

Our harbour was graced with many  beautiful boats and brought many locals and visitors down to have a look.

Some of the boats that graced our harbour


Gwaza is done for the day


I love the name of this boat!


And this one – translation – Hectic Leaks


@Work – Good name – Fun Boat


@Work’s towing vehicle – Just love it!


Black Pearl with crew on board


Le Boss coming back after a fun day at sea


And Marco Polo are the winners!

The seagulls certainly welcomed them as did our friendly stingrays who were only to happy to accept the scraps from fish cleaning that were thrown into the sea.


Waiting for a hand-out


Dozens of Cape Gulls – adults and juveniles


Fish guts are a great meal for a gull


This juvenile Kelp Gull nabs a sanck


Others want a bit too!


One of the stingrays

Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club  were amazing hosts and each evening good food and company was provided.


A lovely braai being prepared


The amazing catering team

The prize-giving was a happy affair and there were some lovely prizes handed out.


A great new tackle box.


The winning team – Skipper – Rikus holding the trophy


Enjoying the prize-giving




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