Apologies to those who are regular readers of my blog.  I have indeed got a lot to blog about but I’ve been too busy doing the things that I write about to actually sit down and do the writing!  For this reason I am jumping right into the present to tell you where I am and what I am doing.  I might then jump back into the past to tell you some other stories that I have in my diary but haven’t converted into a readable blog yet!   On the other hand those stories might just have to be left unwritten.

We were just settling down after the family invasion to enjoy some catching up with what always needs to be done but can be shelved if you can’t be bothered to do it when out of the blue we were invited to join an off-road excursion to Kaokoland.  Unfortunately it was just too short notice to get organised in time so we declined. Well that left us feeling a bit deprived so we decided to take a simpler trip to sooth our disappointment.  So on the day we should have been heading for the wilder parts of Africa we set off instead to Warmwaterbergspa, near Barrydale in The Karoo.  And this is where we are right now.


The Land and the Comfortvan at a view site on the Tredeaux Pass


One of the most beautiful passes in South Africa


The weather in Struisbaai was a bit on the chilly side and the wind was blowing but here we found it somewhat warmer although last night it was rather cold!

Warmwaterberg Spa is a mineral hot spring situated between Barrydale and Ladismith on Route 62 from Montagu to Oudtshoorn.
The water from the spring is  44°C at the source and has a high iron content.  It is completely untreated and fresh from the artesian spring. There are two hot pools and a cold pool as well as a number of roman baths.   Soaking in the hot pools is very relaxing but one has to be careful not to stay into long as it can be energy sapping too.  It’s fun to swap from hot to cold a few time – very invigorating.

The pools are lovely – well maintained and emptied and cleaned every second day.


The cold pool in the foreground – the two hot pools beyond


Earlie is in the cooler of the two hot pools

The spa is  set high up on the foothills of the Warmwaterberg Mountain giving panoramic views over the little Karoo, from the Langeberg to the Swartberg.  We have a lovely caravan site which is visited by a variety of ‘wildlife’.  Sparrows, robins, weavers, peacocks and doves know just where they are welcome and then there are the feral cats looking glossy and healthy because of the handouts they get from the guests!  A giant tortoise also made an appearance.


One of the feral kittens licking his lips after a tasty titbit


Some visiting pea-fowl


The giant tortoise was not shy

This morning we paid a visit to the town of Barrydale and had breakfast at The Diesel and Crème.  It’s famous for it’s decadent cheesecakes and milkshakes but we restrained ourselves and indulged in their excellent coffee instead.

Diesel and Creme is one of the novel places where shabby and old becomes chic and fun. Don’t expect comfort and style but do expect excellent service and wonderful food. It is a must go to place even if you’re just passing through Barrydale – lots to see and photograph and if you’re at that certain age you will be transported back to those memorable days when life was so much simpler.


The milkshake menu


Me soaking up the sun on a shabby chic bench


Inside we find more to feast our eyes upon


So much to look at


Most importantly – the food was good.

We also popped into  Barrydale Weavers and were super-impressed.   So much so that we bit the bullet and bought a rug for our home in Struisbaai!


A lot of hard work goes into weaving a wool rug.

 Tomorrow we are packing up and making our way to  Buffalo Bay and then too and who knows where before we head back to the tranquility of our Struisbaai home.







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