Wild Adventure Chapter 8 – A Day Trip to

Today the Frend-Leighs needed to go to Twee Rivieren to refuel and stock up with supplies.  Lord and Lady Grum-Peigh would not be camping at Nossob this trip so they decided to do a day trip there instead – or try to get as far as they could on the Nossob road before turning back.

Once again it was a beautiful sunny day and they set off in high spirits.  There was little to see at first and then just as they approached Kij Kij waterhole the Earl called out “There’s a jackal running toward that Jeep-Jockey.

“No way,”said Her Ladyship – “Jackals run away from people not toward them!” And she was right. As they got closer they realised that it was a lion cub. In fact there were 2 with their mother.   They watched them for a long time playing, climbing the tree and having fun.  Eventually they made their way over the ridge but not before Mom gave a good few roars.


Let’s climb this tree!


Mom, Look at me!


A little beauty


Time to wash your face


Come on kids, let’s go!


While everyone was enjoying the lions, Lady G-P glanced down the road and caught sight of a male lion crossing the roading about a kilometer from where they were.  She alerted  the Earl and they raced off and found him settling down under a shady tree.  “He must be the father of the cubs.” said Lady G-P.


His Majesty keeping his distance from the rowdy kids

The Frend-Leighs had followed to this point but it was now time to part company and go their separate ways for the day.

It was a delightful trip.  The landscape was green and dotted with plenty of game.


Just before Kransbrak waterhole the Earl pointed out a lanner in a tree. They looked up and tried to get a photograph but it flew away very quickly.

“Omigosh,” said His Lordship  “Look what’s sitting under the tree!”  Lady G-P got the fright of her life when right next to her door sat an enormous Daddy Lion!



After a few nervous giggles they continued their drive and were then delighted to find a black-chested snake-eagle.


Another cute bird was the lesser grey shrikeIMG_6462

By the time they reached the Dikbaardsbos Picnic site they were hungry and ready for Brunch.


The Earl whipping up one of his legendary bush brunches.

They’d come a long way, it was getting hotter and hotter and they decided that they should turn back to Rooiputs but before they did, they went on another 11km to find a cheetah that other tourists told them would still be there.


He was fast asleep and not in the mood for company


They enjoyed watching the game on the return trip all of whom were crowding under the shady trees or drinking at the waterholes.

Back at Kij Kij they found the sleepy lion.


The Frend-Leighs were already back at Rooiputs and reported that they had seen a cheetah at Rooiputs waterhole.  At 5 pm when it was starting to cool down they went out for a short drive, checked in on the Kij Kij lions and then came back to Rooiputs Waterhole – and there he was enjoying an evening drink.


This is a good pub


Wonder why nobody’s here?


Perhaps they’ll come later


Oh well – I’m not waiting – time to go.

“What a stunning end to a wonderful day,” said Lady Grum-Peigh.


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