Share your world Week 21

I have been neglecting my blogging for the past fortnight but I have an excuse!  There is a lot happening in my life right now.  Now that I’m retired I tend to go with the flow and don’t stick to a routine but just let things happen as they crop up.  This is fine some of the time but it does mean that I forget things that I am supposed to be doing – like I forgot a dinner date with a very dear friend – that is inexcusable – So sorry, Chantal!


We have a wonderful life here at the southern tip of Africa but because we are planning a trip to Italy we had to go to Cape Town to sort out our Schengen Visas.  I went ahead of Hubby and excavated the junk from our family home in Sun Valley.  Thanks to Romilla for taking a lot of it for the charity for which she works!  Hubby joined me on Monday and on Wednesday we went to Capago to do the Visa thing.   Because we are are doing renovations to our Struisbaai home he was itching to get back so after packing the Land Rover to the hilt we hit the road for home at 11 am this morning.   I had caught up with friends while there and last night we met up with folk we will be travelling to Kruger with in October – such a stunning evening.

And now I must get back to the Blog – I will start with answering Cee’s lovely questions on Share your World.

What is your favorite go to beverage?  Water, coffee, tea, coke, soda (non-alcoholic)

Yes – I am a coffee addict – but I don’t overdo the coffee thing otherwise I would never sleep!  I love my coffee – it has to be hot, strong and black – strong – but not too bitter because I don’t take sugar 0r milk to disguise the taste – so you see a good barrister is important here.  I judge a restaurant by the quality of its coffee – not its food!

Having said all this I also enjoy a good cup of rooibos tea.  Recently I have tried a Rooibos Chai – delicious.  My Indian friend, Romilla says I mush have it with milk – but I don’t do milk so I take it black = but I am thinking of trying it with milk.

I avoid fizzy drinks but Coke I use medicinally if I or my family have upset stomachs- but it must be the original recipe made with sugar – not corn syrup.   Believe me this is not psychological – it really works.

– Can you change a car tire?

Absolutely not! – That’s why I married a man with a plan.   A very handy man he is and he is able to get me out of a thousand different scrapes.  I like to think that I am a Feminist but I’m not -I like a hero to come around and rescue me from my plight – if my man with a plan is not about I’ll call someone else!

Are you a listener or talker?

I like to think that I am both!  I love to listen to people with something to say!  I can listen to Romilla for hours – she has such wonderful stories of a culture different to my own and i find this fascinating.   I do listen to people’s problems but then I like to fix them.  Not a good idea -a sounding board is all they need – a sympathetic ear and somebody who cares – not somebody who thinks she has all the answers to the world’s problems.

I talk a lot and hope that the listener is interested!

Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone?

I wouldn’t choose to be without either but if I have to choose the cell phone would go – I often don’t even know where  mine is!   My generation I believe are digital aliens while the younger generation are digital citizens.

I am enormously grateful for the internet and couldn’t imagine life without it.  What on earth did we do before it became an essential in our lives.   I love modern technology – the aps and the readily available information  most of which is free!   Right now I am grateful for Duolingo which is teaching me Italian.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

There is just so much that I am grateful for – Meeting up with old friends last week made me so happy and delighted that I still have them in my life.  I am also so grateful that I have my health and the energy to excavate the junk from my family home.   I am grateful for stunning kids and grandkids.   I am grateful for the funds to travel to distant lands and for still having a sound enough mind to enjoy learning a new language.

I am looking forward to rearranging things in my home in Struisbaai! Our renovations are nearly complete – I have brought things from Cape Town to help redecorate in Struisbaai and it’s going to be fun sorting everything out.


6 thoughts on “Share your world Week 21

  1. O, ek is ook mal oor koffie, maar vas dit al vir baie lank, so ek drink al die gegeurde rooibostees, ook sonder melk of suiker.
    In my jongdae kon ek ‘n kar se wiel omruil, ongelukkig nie meer nie.
    Dankie, lekker gelees!


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