Share your world #26

Here are my answers to this week’s share your world questions

What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane flight?

I was 7 months pregnant and flying from Durban to Cape Town when suddenly we hit some horrific turbulence.  The seat belt lights went on and the aircraft made the most frightening noises as it adjusted the pressure in the cabin.   It felt like the plane was dropping thousands of metres then rising up again.  I was terrified. Everybody on the plane remained uncanningly calm. My friend, Peggy, was with me and she agreed that she’d never had such a scary flight before.  Luckily nothing happened but for many years after that I was terrified of flying.  Years later I found myself stuck at the top of the Alps in a ski lift.  The view was amazing and I didn’t have the slightest fear – although my legs were dangling thousands of metres above the ground with only a bar across my middle to protect me from falling out.  Why then was I afraid of of flying?  It put things in perspective and I was less nervous on an aircraft after that.

Recently I was once again on a scary flight.  This time it was from Cape Town to Durban when we ran into a storm.  It was dark and the sky was split with lightning.  The plane shook and I turned to my husband and said, “I’m not scared – if we die now it will be okay – I’ve lived a good life!” The whole plane was restless and children were crying.   The pilot had to land in this treacherous weather and it turned out to be the smoothest landing I’ve ever experienced. As we touched down the whole plane broke into spontaneous applause.

The flight attendant came over the speaker with the words, “Give that man a Bells”

(This is a quote from a commercial for Bell’s Whisky.  When a heroic deed is done the punch line is – “Give that man a Bells.”)

How many bones, if any, have you broken?

I broke my foot by landing badly doing high jump in Grade 8.  Got me out of athletics for the rest of the year.

When I was 19 I worked as a volunteer camp counsellor.  There were strict rules about leaving the camp at night but some of the other counsellors and I snuck out for coffee at a nearby restaurant.  On our way back some boys bothered us so we ran – I fell down an embankment and broke my leg.  My friends helped me back to camp and we snuck back in.  I spent the night in pain but had to confess the next morning.  The leader was more sympathetic than angry and I was dispatched to the hospital to have it set.  It ruined the rest of my summer holiday!

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know)

Helen Keller – She was deaf and blind but could talk – I find her story fascinating.

The late Duchess of Windsor – What was her secret?  How did she captivate a king so much that he gave up the throne for her?

Barbara Streisand – my favourite female singer and actress.  Just love her music and her movies.

Make a Currently List: What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating, needing, wanting, and missing right now?

Reading: The Cleaner of Chartres by Salley Vickers

Watching:  Tennis at Wimbledon

Listening To: Cape Talk – now that I can get it on DSTV

Eating:  Soups and stews in this cold wintry weather – Oxtail cooked by Hubby – delicious.  Breakfasts at Shipwreck Cafe at least once a week!

Needing: I’m presently living a charmed life -so don’t really need anything.

Wanting: I want a new pair of jeans – actually three pairs – black, blue and white.  But I don’t need them!  Also a white shirt.   I’m planning to shop in London in August.

Missing:  I miss my mother. She often turns up in my dreams and I will miss her forever.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

The weather here has been freezing so I am grateful for the gas heater.

I am looking forward to spending this weekend with my kids who turned up to surprise Dad/Grandpa for his birthday today.



7 thoughts on “Share your world #26

  1. I remember that flight – and the holiday that preceded it – very well, including pushing Liz’s car in thick red mud that left my white blouse forever pink. The gloriously wild camp we stayed in was later bulldozed to make way for the Wild Coast Casino.


  2. My first plane ride had some rough patches, but nothing as horrifying as you describe. I’m glad that you landed safely on both occasions. I’ve never been stuck in a ski lift (I’ve never been skiing), but I have ridden in the sky buckets at an amusement part. It was always nerve-wracking when they switched from one cable to the next. I was always afraid they wouldn’t catch properly and we’d plummet to the ground. It didn’t scare me enough to keep me off of them, though. 🙂

    I’m so sorry those boys messed with you and caused you a broken leg, but am glad the leader was understanding when you told what happened.

    I enjoyed your post. Have a blessed day!

    Liked by 1 person

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