It Happened in Italy -Life in Salerno

NaBloPoMo November 2016

The First Earl and Lady Helen along with The Captain and his Admiral were to reside in Italy for two months – a month in Salerno from where they would take day trips to surrounding places of interest and then a month in Diamante where they would  relax and enjoy the seaside and simple lifestyle and get to know the local folk.  So there was plenty of time to settle in and explore Salerno.  Their accommodation, Via Centola Giovanni 33, on the fourth floor was comfortable providing them with a double room for each couple, a shared bathroom and a reasonably equipped kitchen.


Neat kitchen


The Noble Suite


View from Kitchen Balcony

It was a narrow street and one felt that one could lean out of the window and the touch the neighbours across the way. In fact many conversation could be had from one balcony to another.   Although the four foreigners were used to private gardens and wide open spaces they found this type of living rather fun and giggled when they hung their washing on a line attached to the balcony rail!


One’s laundry hung for all to see!

For the next week the four walked the city flat, shopped where the locals shopped and found wonderful restaurants and bars to snack and dine at.

Lady Helen had tried to get The Earl fit for walking before leaving the Fiefdom of Struisbaai and the failure of this venture was evident when he needed to rest frequently on the uphill route back to the apartment.  The Captain and The Admiral were very patient and didn’t mind going at a slower pace. Lady Helen, however, tended to walk on ahead at what she thought was a slower pace but was not slow enough for His Lordship.   And he didn’t like her not to be right by his side where he could be sure she was safe and sound. So at a very slow pace she had to learn to walk!

All Italians wear hats and sensible shoes.   The Earl therefore had to get himself a hat to make him blend in with the rest.


The Earl trying to look Italian


Nothing like cooling off with an Italian Gelato after a morning of exploring


Saturday Farmers’Markets were amazing


Aqueducts still standing after many centuries


The Castle dates back to the sixth century


Often seen – groups of men meeting for a chat, a game of checkers or cards and a coffee


A typical street scene in Salerno


A delightful place, hidden in a narrow street – excellent for pizza

His Lordship was reluctant to part with too many Euros, fearing that they would not have enough for their extended holiday.  But Lady Helen was determined to buy at least one dress Made in Italy.  And all the shops were having amazing sales – up to 75% off.  What serious shopper could resist such a bargain!  So one day while they were out on their own Her Ladyship could no longer resist temptation and dragged her reluctant husband into an exclusive little boutique.  Of course when he saw the love of his life in the pretty little dress he forked out the cash with not a murmur of complaint.


Lady Helen in the doorway of Only Up


The lovely assistant could speak a little English


Made in Italy – the dress not the lady.


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