It Happened in Italy – Last Day in Arechi

The next few days in the hospital went well.  The Earl continued to make good progress although he got tired easily and needed long afternoon naps.  He would be discharged on the 8 September and he and L.H. would stay in a hotel in Salerno until he was well enough to travel.  They were grateful to Dr P who using his own cell phone made reservations at Hotel Montestella on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.  It would be close to everything including the station and should anything go wrong there would be somebody on duty who they could call.  It was a perfect solution.

On her last daily walk in Arechi it was slightly drizzly but still pleasantly warm. L.H. explored the Marina a little bit more.

The dolos is a concrete block resembling  sheep knuckle bone and  weighs up to 20 tons  Dolose are used in great numbers to protect harbour walls from the erosive force of ocean waves.  Lady Helen wondered why one stood like a monument in the middle of the carpark.


There was a sign showing where pedestrians should walk.   She found it amusing that the illustration used was a pair of high-heeled shoes. But of course Italian women would wear heels to explore a marina!


The gate to the  little beach she’d found the time before was locked!  Do they not allow people on the beach on a rainy day in Italy, she wondered.

beach-lockedBut she did find a restaurant on the boardwalk and ordered an Americano.


The friendly staff at Arechi Marina


A perfect setting in which to relax

A rather attractive young man asked her in Italian if she was from a boat.  “No barca – Mio Marito e in San Leonardo.  Cuore operazione. Io cammino qui.  Siamo a Salerno per vacanza. Mia casa e Sud Africa.”
(No boat. My husband is in San Leonardo. Heart operation. I walk here. We on holiday in Salerno. My home is SA)
Her grammar was all wrong but she was proud of her sentences until he burst her bubble by replying “There are nice boats there.” In perfect English
She told him all about her husband’s wonderful boats and fishing abilities and he was duly impressed.

L.H. was glad of the company of Patricia and Paula .    They had a  fun girls’ night out at a place they discovered just a few minutes walk from the hospital. Good food, amazing Italian wine, great company and cooling rain. The manager insisted they take an umbrella trusting that we would return it the following morning.


Girls’ Night Out




Singing in the Rain

Patricia had to get back to Ireland and left the same day as The Earl was discharged. Her visit had indeed come at just the right time for L.H.

It was a lovely last day in Arechi.  She would always remember it with fondness.  And perhap visit again – but hopefully not for a medical procedure!

NaBloPoMo November 2016


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