It Happened in Italy – St Giorgio Church

The Earl was keen to get well as quickly as possible but the pain was debilitating and he tired quickly.   L.H. warned him to pace himself and not to overdo things.  “Rest is what’s needed,”she said, “With plenty of rest you will heal.”

Hotel Monesella served  a good breakfast and on the first morning there they went down t 9 to see what was on offer.  They were happy with the typical continental fare of cheeses, cold meats, muffins, pane, pastries, croissants and coffee.   But there was also what the Italians thought was an English breakfast – scramble eggs and tiny Vienna sausages. But the eggs were cold and not very nice at all!  They decided to stick to the Continental!

Boredom set in half way through the morning and so they took a very slow stroll to a church not very far away.   It was quite an effort for The Earl and they  had to stop a few times on the way.  Lady Helen wanted to go back but he insisted on continuing  and they enjoyed the spirituality of the beautiful San Giorgio church which dated back to the
ninth century.


St Giorgio  is a beautiful Baroque church and has many frescoes by Fendinando Sanfelice

The Earl had a good rest in the afternoon the at half past six, Filippo called for them at the hotel and they went to the Lungomare for supper.  The Earl made the walk without a hiccup.  But on the way back he had another dizzy spell and they had to stop and sit at a pavement cafe until he recovered and then they made their slow way home.



They had to find a place that served chicken wraps as that is what The Earl was craving.


Thank you for your kindness Filippo

While the three friends sat and enjoyed their meal and conversation a flower seller appeared. Filippo kindly two beautiful roses and presented them to Lady Helen.


What a lovely gesture and what a perfect evening though L.H. was a little concerned that the excursion had exhausted The Earl.  She was worried about the dizzy spells and planned to call the doctor about them the next day.

NaBloPoMo November 2016


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