Day of Goodwill Picnic

26 December 2016

After all the excitement of Christmas, today was a chill day.  The weather was warm and sunning in the morning.   Earl, Laurie and I went to town to shop for our excursion to Wattle Cane Cottage tomorrow.

In the afternoon we had a brief thunderstorm and almost abandoned our plans to picnic on the neighbouring peach farm.  But in the end it cleared up and it was very pleasant next to the river.  The men braied some boerewors and steak and there was other left over Christmas fare.  The Baker Clan were there along with Sean’s sister and family and also his brother.  It is beautiful there next to the river under some shady trees.  The kids enjoyed themselves at the water’s edge and also played an energetic ball game.


A lovely late lunch spread


Baker Cousins and a friend of the family


Our youngest and oldest


Our perfect middle child on the right


The handome grandson


Granddaughter has mischief written all over her face


No – you are still too young to drink!


A lovely place to hide


Joshua made us laugh


A cute shot 0f Simon who is camera shy!  Thanks Josh.


A good game to work off all the food


Robyn keeping order




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