Birthday Celebration

29 December 2016

We celebrated 37 years of joy with Laurie today.

While the neighbours are overseas Lauren, Lisa and the boys are staying in their house. Their dogs looked at her pleadingly this morning so she and I took them for walk  after breakfast.


It was a perfect morning for walking


Major and Blackie agreed


It rained hard last night resulting in ditches of water for Major to swim in


It was a scenic route

Ann and Dean invited all 10 of us to join them and their kids for lunch.  Jacob was here for the day  so he joined us too.

Ann is the youngest of the Mackenzie children and of course we always think of he as the baby – but now she is a working wife and mother of three and has the most beautiful home with a wonderful view over Brooklyn Farm.  Dean bought a lot of the Brooklyn land as well as the neighbouring farm.


The house on the hill


Birthday Girl

As we downsized this year we really felt emotional about parting with some of our much loved possession.  Our Blackwood dining room table was one such item and so we offered it to Ann and Dean if they would pay to have it transported from Cape Town to Kokstad.  And wow – what a delight to see it looking just right in their dining area.



Dean, Ann and Baby Sarah

Even though there are varying ages among the cousins they always connect and get on well together.  Caitlyn and James adore Simon and Shannon and having Jay and Josh and Shan’s boyfriend Jacob was an extra bonus for them.  There is so much space for the kids to have fun and even the big ones enjoyed the trampoline and swings!



The View


Lolz getting birthday attention from Sammy


Simon reading a story to the little ones – the older ones enjoying it too


James is king of the castle on Jacob’s shoulders

Lunch was lovely and Barbara and Andrew came over after to have tea and deliver a gift to Lolz.


Barbara with Sarah – her 12th grandchild

Later we went to Brooklyn to collect some beans from Barbara’s garden.  Margaret was beside herself with excitement to see Laurie.



Nicoline came for sundowners and then we had a delicious stew with sweet potatoes and Barbara’s green beans.  We finished the day by watching an episode of Master Chef Australia.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration

  1. What glorious scenery. Where about is it. In Kwz or near Kokstad?

    Your dining table absolutely belongs in that house. They must be over the moon. Have a fab New Year’s Eve. At the moment we haven’t got anything planned. We always Use to go and see a concert at the Opera House. But all the viewing spaces in the opera house are being rented out privately so there is only one viewing area looking at the bridge and when you are short it’s a bit difficult. So we aborted that idea this year.

    Our son and daughter in law came up for breakfast this morning minus the three boys. The eldest is doing surf patrol the next one washes dishes at a local cafe which only opens for breakfast and lunch. The youngest was visiting a friend for the day. I must say it was quite a nice change. Although the boys are good company.

    We are just off to the golf club for Friday’s drinkies and the meat raffle. So have a good weekend?

    Love to Earl Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy The farm is in Kokstad. The house is built on the property of the Mackenzies original farm, Brooklyn, some of which is being leased and some Dean has bought.


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