Family Easter in Struisbaai

“Grandchildren are God’s reward to us for not killing our own” Not that we ever wanted to kill our perfect little girls.  They were such angels.

Due to circumstances that could not be avoided our eldest and her two babies came to live with us when they were 4 months and 18 months old.  Hence we had the privilege of being totally involved in their upbringing.  Right up until we came to live in Struisbaai almost two years ago, we were a bustling household of 5 or 6 depending on whether our youngest was with us or away on her own.  Do we miss the hustle and bustle?  Well actually we love our new, quiet lifestyle but yes we do miss everything that a big family adds to your life.  So it was great when they all came to stay over the Easter Weekend.

On Wednesday our youngest daughter, Laurie, took a day off work and came up early with Josh (18)  Lisa, came up on Saturday with our other grandson, Jay (19)

Grandpa has been trying to get some chores done around the house and on the boat so welcomed the extra muscle and labour.


Josh and Laurie at Shipwreck for breakfast

We were hoping that summer would last a little longer but it was decidedly cooler.  However, we did get some lovely days and managed some scenic walks on the beach.


My handsome young lads on the beach


Checking out the harbour activity

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good enough for fishing – but next time ….

Before Lisa came up with Jay on Saturday we decided to visit my sister at her holiday house at Riverine on The Breede.   My brother’s kids Kyle and Mick were also spending the weekend at their family holiday house and joined us for lunch.  It was a very happy reunion as we got to catch up with my nieces and nephews who I haven’t seen in a while.  Lolz enjoyed her cousins’ company too.


I gave my great nephew a puzzle which he completed in no time at all!


Mom Katja holding Oliver (1 year) who is showing off his clapping skills


View of The Breede River


Matthew wanted to hunt for dinosaurs


Ha – Look I’ve found Stegosaurus!


Two gorgeous girls – Niece, Belinda and daughter, Lolz


Guilia, Mick (he is recovering from a motorbike accident) and Robert


Kyle -(my nephew and husband of Guilia)  Katja (Robert’s wife) and Lolz


The lovely lass on the left is nephew Mick’s Kiwi girlfriend – that’s him lying down and nephew Robert (dad to Ollie and Mattie) is on the other recliner.


The Handsome Grandfathers – My darling hubbie Earl and Brother in law – Brian


Auntie Belinda with her youngest nephew – Ollie

My sister who is an amazing cook and entertainer whipped up a wonderful lunch in no time at all and fed over a dozen of us with the greatest of ease.  I don’t know how she does it!

We were so busy enjoying the meal that I forgot to take photographs and I don’t even have one of my sister!  So I’m posting an old one of the two of us.


My sister (right) and me

It’s compulsory to have a boat ride on the river but I declined having done it too many times before.  Earl could not pass up an opportunity of going on a boat and he and Josh went along with nephew James, Lolz and Brother in law Brian. Of course Mattie couldn’t miss out.


Mattie and Josh having fun

It took a bit of time and Mattie found a comfy old man to fall asleep against


It was such an enjoyable day but we had to get back to welcome Lisa and Jay and so we headed back to Struisbaai before the day was done.

As time passes and kids grow up you would think that the magic of Easter would fade – not so for my lovely boys.  They still wanted to have an Easter Egg Hunt.


I’m so grateful that my boys are not too cool to miss out on the fun and will still snuggle up with their old granny and not worry about what others will think.


Still Granny’s baby

They are the most amazing reward from God.


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