Today’s one word prompt is Grey – or Gray as they spell it in the USA where they have more sensible spelling rules!

What comes to mind when you hear the word grey? The risqué novel “Fifty shades of Grey?”   I did try to read it – but was bored after five sentences.  Sooo I’ll go onto something different.

Sometimes our beautiful blue sky turns grey – I miss this colour right now as we really need some dark clouds to bring rain to the parched earth and empty dams of the Western Cape.


Theewaterkloof Dam is dangerously low

Grey water is what everyone is talking about here.  Do you use your grey water on the garden – how do you collect it etc etc.  I collect the shower water in a bucket and haul it off to the garden so that not a drop is wasted.

I like to wear the colour grey -buy I usually dress it up with something bright – like lime green or pink or even red.

When I retired I decided to stop dying my hair and allowed myself to become naturally grey.  It was a good idea – I look slightly older but it’s saved me a fortune in hairdressing fees.

before 2

Me with my sister before I stopped dying my hair


Me today – wearing grey with a lime-green scarf 🙂

Grey is a common colour of birds and beasts but they seem to look amazingly beautiful in spite of their drab feathers and fur.   Sometimes they too will add a bit of colour to add a bit of sparkle.


A Cape Robin cheers up its plumage by adding a touch of red to its breast and tail

Grey Heron

A beautiful grey heron


Elephants looking magnificent in grey with a powdering of red dust.


So when skies are grey and you’re feeling blue remember those are both colours that can be cheering too.









6 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Gorgeous photos!
    I am eager to go gray. I went from November to last week to see if it was ready. It’s not. It’s not nearly silver enough to let it go. But one day!
    People are talking about gray water here, too.

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  2. There are so many other ‘grey’ birds that spring to mind: Blacksmith Lapwing (I still call them plovers), Secretary Bird, Gymnogene, Grey Go-Away Bird (still a Lourie to me), and the Grey Waxbill to name a few. As you say, all have a touch of colour to brighten up their appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And of course our national bird, the blue crane which is more grey than blue😉 Yes lots of gorgeous grey birds – and I also prefer the old names. I don’t think I have Grey Waxbill on my life list – the one in my head – I don’t actually keep one😂


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