A full week of smiles.

Here is my contribution to The  Weekly Smile challenge

The weather made me smile this week.   We have such changeable weather here and if you should ever visit the southern tip of Africa and you don’t like the temperature – wait a few minutes and it’s sure to change.   Two days ago we had much needed rain – it rained all night and all day – and it made me glad – because our dams are dry and our farmlands are dying so when I heard the thunder and saw the lightning I couldn’t stop smiling.

But the next day the sun shone again and I was back in summer clothes! Hubby went fishing and that made him smile.  He took his friend Willie which meant Rachel was short staffed at the coffee shop on a Public Holiday so I went in to help her which made her and Jacqui smile and I had so much fun that I smiled too, so there was a lot of passing on of smiles.  The patrons smiled also specially when they enjoyed their delicious chocolate cake and fabulous cappuccinos.  A little four year-old girl really made me smile when I saw her cute little face covered in chocolate icing.


Along with Willie, Earl took Ben, who’d never been to sea before. Imagine how he smiled when he impressed the Old Man of the Sea by catching some lovely Red Stompneus for our supper. And we all smiled when we dined together on the spoils of the day.

IMG_5846I smiled because I remembered to take my camera with me on my daily walk earlier this week.  The tide was low and the beach called loudly for my presence.  What a broad smile broke onto my face when I found two African Black Oyster Catchers foraging for mussels on the rocky shore.


We’re gonna get those black mussels


Got one

I smiled and smiled because I was the only person on the beach watching and photographing these beautiful creatures.


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