From Warm Waters to Cold Waters

After our lovely break away to Warmwaterberg we left in convoy with Meg and Tom and made our way home to Struisbaai.  But not before stopping in Barrydale for breakfast.   If every you are in this neck of the woods, be sure to stop at Barrydale as it has a number of interesting shops and eateries.

The sunny weather had turned to chill and cloud and even a spit and a spot of rain but this did not dampen our spirits.  Tom and Megan introduced us to The Blue Cow.


Yes – we were pleasantly surprised


Waterfront?  In Barrydale?


Yes – the coffee shop overlooks a wonderful pond all set about with willow trees


The pond is boiling with carp begging to be fed by the patrons


It is a very pretty place


Mr Cape Weaver is busy building a nest


The grey heron knows where he can get a fine meal

Our meals were mighty fine too.   It began to rain so we moved to a dryer part of the deck.   It was really cosy because of a stove burning in the corner.


Jenny our charming hostess – nothing was too much trouble


The Earl enjoyed an omelette and was given his favourite strawberry jam to have with his toast


Tom and I had the Farmer’s Breakfast


Megan was delighted with her chicken and mushroom pancake


See our happy faces – The Earl – Me – Meg and Tom

The next day the weather in Struisbaai was perfect.  Clear sunny skies and the sea was azure, calm and enticing the men to get out there and catch some fish.   Willie from Shipwreck Coffee Shop joined them.  When Megs and I rose from the comfort of our cosy beds we took a walk to have breakfast at the pre-mentioned eatery.


Megs had the biltong omelette while I had my ‘usual’ Mini Ontbyt

I’ve mentioned our favourite coffee shop many times of my blog but I can’t emphasise enough how amazing their coffees are.   And their breakfasts and confectionary are to die for!

After breakfast Megs and I made our way to the most picturesque harbour in the world (Just saying!)


After enjoying the sunshine we returned just in time to greet our men who were full of excitement over the amazing day they’d had at sea.  Let the photos tell the tale.


The biggest yellowtail caught but a great white shark was hungry too so he chomped it in half!


Tom and Willie with broad fishermen smiles


Hurry up and take the photo – This fish is too heavy for The Earl

The Samsung Galaxy takes awesome photographs.   We were very proud of our fishermen and enjoyed some delicious sashimi for supper that night.


But all good things must come to an end so off Meg and Tom had to go the following day. Till the next time!


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