Addo Elephant Park is Awesome

Addo Elephant Park is very popular park and getting accommodation at short notice in not easy. I was lucky to get the cheapest accommodation next to camping in the form of a fully equippe Forest Cabin which sleeps four and has a small bathroom.  A communal kitchen was just a few steps away and we used it for our washing up.   We cooked our breakfast at the picnic site did braais for our suppers.   The cabin also had a microwave, kettle and toaster.   We were delighted with our tiny but cosy accommodation and as we were out most of the time all we needed was a place to lay our heads at night so space was not a number 1 priority.  When you’re used to camping – this was pure luxury!  (The following two photographs were found on the internet as I forgot to take some myself!)


Forest Cabin – Addo Elephant Park Main Camp

Inside the cabin

Our Home for two nights

Our full day in Addo was awesome.  We tried to find the lions but they kept well out of sight this trip.  Nevertheless we just enjoyed everything we did see.

The mornings were very chilly but the sun shone all day the park was gloriously green.   The photos will tell the story.


Mrs Shelduck was very noisy as we looked down her at Domkrag Dam Lookout Mr Shelduck was there too but he refused to pose


The Egrets waking up at Domkrag Dam


A long-billed pipit (I think – pipits and larks always fox me)


The ever present and totally beautiful Bokmakierie


The sombre greenbul calls continuously while hiding in the foliage – His call goes – “Willie Willie come out and fight.”  Perhaps because we had Willie in the car he showed himself for a change.


This Southern Boubou was very confiding at Jack’s Picnic site


Sombre Greenbul watching Willie cook breakfast!


Southern Boubou posed often


Bar-throated Apalis at Jack’s picnic site


The Speckled Mousebirds were everywhere


Karoo Scrub-robin


Red-necked spurfowl


African Hoepoe


Egyptian Goose at Hapoor Waterhole


Mrs Shelduck at Hapoor Water Hole


I think this is a neddicky


Secretary Bird


Willie – our personal breakfast chef


Breakfast was delicious

Addo of course is famous for its elephants.   They are all over the park and one has drive slowly and cautiously.  Usually they are tolerant of tourists but they still like you to know who is boss.


This one warned us not to come any closer!

One of our stops was at Zuurkop where Earl had his incident last time we were there!  I watched him like a hawk this time and thankfully all was well!


Be careful, Willie, those lions could appear at any minute!


Willie and Rachel admiring the view from Zuurkop Lookout


Looking to the east we saw an elephant making it’s way toward Zuurkop


Looking north at elephants passing by Zuurkop

There was plenty to see on our drive around the park on Monday.  It was good to see that there were healthy herds of kudu, zebra, red hartebeest and buffalo.


A thirsty buffalo


Handsome male Kudu


Red Hartebeest having a rest


Stripy pony


Mrs Kudu peering at us through the foliage


Jackal sneaking off into the bush

The most fun was had at the waterholes where we watched the antics of the elephants and the very funny warthogs.


Marion Baree Waterhole


Baby elephant chasing a warthog away


Brave warthog grabbing a drink between the legs of the giants


There’s beauty in his ugliness


Elephant wrestling match


Not a sound can be heard as a herd of elephant approach Hapoor waterhole


Baby mirroring Mommy


Enjoying a refreshing drink together

We certainly enjoyed our brief visit and were sad to have to leave on Tuesday morning.  At 7:00 am we left our cabin, drove slowly to the South Gate and then all the way home stopping only for breakfast and short leg-stretch breaks.   We finally arrived home at 6 pm.










8 thoughts on “Addo Elephant Park is Awesome

  1. Lovely photos of animals and birds 😊 weren’t you scared of the elephants? Especially the ones that were having a wrestling match? 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Supercalifragilistic. No we are quite safe as long as we remain in our vehicles. It is scary, though, when they decide mock charge the car! The Addo elephants are quite gentle – in some parks they can be quite aggressive


  2. You managed to see a lot on such a quick visit. I really like the first photograph of a sombre greenbul (always a bulbul to me!) as well as many of your others. Enjoying birdlife adds a different dimension to one’s experience in wild areas.


    • Thank you Anne. Yes I agree that the birdlife adds a huge amount to any game park visit. We also saw a black rhino mother with baby – but at a distance so photos not great – don’t want to reveal where even though I’m sure no poachers are reading my blog!

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  3. We also stayed at Forest Cabin whilst in Addo.

    You have bought a new caravan!!! What made you do that – was the old caravan not big enough?

    Going to visit Leonie tomorrow. Hope to find her a lot better – hopefully!! Saw her last week Before she was moved out to Respite. Poor thing just cannot get on top of everything. It’s rather worrying as she tends not to let too much get her down normally. I will be away nearly seven weeks – only hope there will be an improvement when I get back.

    Just saw on the news that Cape Town was having a very big vicious storm. It must all be catching because we are in the middle of “an east coast low”. Which is bringing wind wind rain and rain!!!!!

    Enjoy your new caravan. Love your blogs.

    Love wendy

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy – lots of love to Lee. So glad you’re going to see her before you leave❤️ Yes lots of storm damage in Cape Town. Then there are fires on Garden Route – lots of homes lost😢 hopefully it will start raining there


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