Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Motive

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt is Motive

We all have a motive for what we do or don’t do.  Some motives come from something within and some from something without.  As a teacher I had to have the word “motive”clearly in focus so that I could motivate my learners to do their best. The best motivation comes from within – intrinsic motivation – when a child will do something because he enjoys it of finds the task interesting and the reward to himself satisfying.  This is the best type of motivation.  But sometimes one must motivate with extrinsic motivation which will get the learner to apply herself for that gold star, accolade or treat.

quote 5

Using these two types of motivation is the key to getting learners to do their best.   It’s part of the teacher’s job to make the tasks interesting and also to discover how each learner ticks so that she can know how to make the intrinsic motivation kick in – and have as many learners wanting to reach their full potential for their own personal satisfaction.


What was my own motive for teaching? In the beginning it was because I thought I just loved kids and wanted to work with them. But in the end it was the thrill of watching a child grasp a new concept, to see her eyes light up with each small and great success.  All the stresses and struggles are worth it just for that moment.  It is the most rewarding career in the world.

Rewards of teaching

rewards of teaching 3



7 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Motive

  1. Nothing better than seeing the lightbulb go off for someone else. I’ve never been a teacher but I have had the opportunity to teach some business courses. I always thought I’d like to get back in that type of classroom one day.

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  2. What a nice combination of intelligence and heart! I’m starting to enjoy seeing the light volunteering with first graders. They really do want to learn! Chuckled at the funnies. 🙂

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