Kruger National Park – Day 4

13 November 2017 – Shingwedzi

I anticipated the mood of The Earl this morning.  The caravan is still new!  We have had one setting up session and now the first packing up session was about to occur!  There was bound to be trouble!   We decided last night not to rush things and not to leave at sparrow’s fart!  Instead we had a leisurely breakfast and then started to pack.  Yes I did have to keep him calm and constantly remind him that it would all work out in the end but it went comparatively well.  Perhaps those calming drops I gave him did the trick because the set up at Shingwedzi went fairly well too!  Hopefully by the end of this month long trip we will have the anxiety attacks under control.


The Earl cooking a delicious breakfast

The trip here went smoothly too.  There were plenty of elephants about but none confronted the caravan so there was no need for His Lordship to panic.


We saw lots of buffalo too and as we neared Shingwedzi there was a lot to see in the river bed.


Elephants for Africa


And Buffalo too


Bufflalo love to wallow in puddles and they don’t mind sharing with a warthog


One of our cousins hiding among the Mopane leaves

We chose a campsite next to the fence and near the swimming pool but far from the ablution block.  It I shady and there is a constant sound of birdsong.   Squirrels are going to be a problem!  They’ve already been here looking for handouts.   Not happening my furry friends!  We have also been warned to watch out for monkeys and baboons.


Bennet’s Woodpecker seen in the camp

Set up went really well and we were done with hardly a hiccup within half an hour.  I went in search of the laundry and was delighted to find two coin operated washing machines and dryers!  It was wort the R10 for each to get the washing done in a jiffy.

After we were done with setting up and laundry chores we took a drive to Red Rocks.  Sightings were slow but we did get some good birds, the highlights being the white-fronted bee-eater catching bees!



Back in camp The Earl cooked us a delicious curry in our Smart Space Frying Pan.   A honey-badger came to visit but we didn’t manage to get a photograph.

2 thoughts on “Kruger National Park – Day 4

  1. What wonderful animals and birds u saw again. As much as I like elephants I am very nervous of them and far happier being very far away from them. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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