Kruger Adventure with Grandpa, Gran, Simon and Shan – Day 10

11 January 2018

Last night The Earl said, “I think we should get up slowly tomorrow.  Let the children sleep in a bit – they’re exhausted.  I readily agreed.  But this morning when I emerged for my shower at twenty to six,   Shannon was sitting in a camp chair staring at the game at the fence!

When I returned she and Simon had already packed up their tent.  To say that Grandpa and I were gob-smacked is an understatement.   ” Why are we awaiting, Granny and Grandpa.   Let’s get the show on the road!”

So it was quarter past seven when we finally left Satara and hit the road toward Lower Sabie.  We stopped for breakfast at Tshokwane where the monkeys were just as naughty as ever.  Simon brought the catty – just to scare them.  However, one of the staff brought him some pebbles and said – if they annoy you, don’t hesitate to shoot!   Music to young boys ears – and to Grandpa’s.  I’m happy to say neither of them managed to hit a monkey but they didn’t bother us and we managed to eat without our food being stolen.

When you put your order in and pay for your meal the cashier gives you a card with a picture of an animal on it.  When your food is ready they call out the animal and you collect your food.

This is what we received.


We weren’t too sure whether to respond to the word or picture!

Highlights of our morning:-


Tawny Eagle


Black-backed Jackal



Giraffe – always so elegant and attractive

There are no perimeter camping sites at Lower Sabie.  But we found one close to the communal kitchen and near enough to the ablution block.   We thought we would struggle to find a suitable spot but we were quite spoiled for choice in spite of the rest camp being fully booked.  We must have come at just the right time.

It was just after 11 when we arrived and after setting up we stayed in camp until 3:30 pm.  We introduced ourselves to the neighbours – a couple with four young sons aged 2 to 12.  After we were settled I took our washing to the laundromat.  I did some bird watching and had a coffee a the restaurant while I waited for it to be done


Tawny-flanked Prinia


Lower Sabie


View from the board walk at Lower Sabie

When the Earl and I were in The Park in November we did not see a Verreaux’s Eagle-owl and this trip we have been seeking them every day without luck.  “This bird is worth 20 points,”  I told the kids.  Find me one, please.

We were getting a little bored on our drive this afternoon, Simon was fooling around in the car making us laugh when I saw an approaching car slow down and look into a tree, then drive on. We stopped and saw nothing and were about to move on when Shan yelled – It’s a Verreaux’s!   I nearly fell out of the car in excitement.  But I couldn’t see a thing.  She carefully pointed it out before I saw it.  Wow – how on earth did she see it!   It was a beautiful sighing and it was calling too


We stayed with it for a while when suddenly Simon and Shannon simultaneously said – there’s another one!   They pointed that one out to me too.   Then Shannon yelled – “A turaco.  Flip – I’ve been waiting to see these two birds and now I see them in the same tree!”


We were thrilled with these two birds but soon we found another unusual creature perched high in a tree.


Hooded Vulture

After another quiet stretch some monkeys appeared to entertain us


Before returning to camp we stopped at Sunset Dam which is usually very busy.  Today not too much was happening but we did see some fun things.


Baboon having a drink



What a big mouth you have, Mr Hippo – Would you like a Chomp?


Malachite Kingfisher

Back at camp Simon chopped some wood for our braai, Grandpa lit the fire and I made a salad while Shan went to shower. The neighbours kids came over to ask Simon to join them on a night walk with an older boy from another campsite.  So off they went to see owls, nagaapies and scorpions.  He had great fun.


Our camp at Lower Sabie


The Earl making braai

Grandpa cooked Kudu steaks and Lamb Medallions on the braai.  Shan said Grace and thanked the Kudu for providing us with food!


Enjoying a great feast

Life is Good in The Kruger National Park!


5 thoughts on “Kruger Adventure with Grandpa, Gran, Simon and Shan – Day 10

  1. No wonder you love travelling. You have such a fine set up. Wow what more could one want.? The children are learning a lot and so nice to see them enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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