Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Door

So today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is Door.  Write about a door you walked through this week that was not your own.

I have walked through a few doors this week . One door I walked through was to my friends for dinner.  I like their doors – they’re made of good wood and and are sturdy. They can keep people out or let them in – that’s what doors are for after all. No, I don’t think we’re supposed to write about door but rather what happened once passing through said door.

Well, it all started well. We were there for a good South African braai.  My friends are wonderful hosts and cook fabulous food.  Gareth was there too, and this was a kind of great to see you again old friend and have a good trip back to England on Friday, type of affair

I was having a stunning time, wonderful conversation, bonding with friends, sharing a bottle of excellent “Life from Stone’ wine with Perci – perhaps a glass too many?  No – not more than usual on such occasions.

We sat down to a wonderful meal – Mielies (corn on the cob) with lashings of butter to start followed by chops, wors and all the usual trimmings.   I ate a goodly amount and all was well.  But suddenly my head began to spin – right in the middle of the meal.  I excused myself and lay on the couch.  I felt sooo strange.  Perci gave me a cold compress to press to my hot head – and then uh oh – The proverbial talk with the great, white telephone!


I was a sick as a dog

Not  good to take  ill at any time, but when you’re not in your own home it’s even worse.  But such is life and happily I recovered.  I found out later that a bug was roaring around our little town and had made a little stop with me too.

Now the doors I really want to talk about are the ones I have at home – I want them painted white – And I have the go ahead – Next week or the week after, when all the alterations are complete, my doors will get a fresh, new, face lift!






7 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Door

  1. Hope u feeling better. Dreadful tummy bug going around here. 2 friends in hospital for 7 days one at home as well. Lovely photos how u think of all these things to write.. Very clever.

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