I’d rather be …..

This is the brief for this week’s Photo a week challenge

“You’ve likely seen a bumper sticker or a sign that reads “I’d rather be…” How would you fill in the blank? Golfing? Running? Fishing? Something else entirely? What activity do you enjoy most?”

I enjoy many things but I think I would fill in the missing words with ‘bird watching‘  It is such a rewarding hobby and something you can do virtually anywhere – in the garden, at the beach, on a walk, even in the city!


You can do it in with a group


You can do it on your own


A frequent visitor to my garden – African Hoopoe

IMG_0738.JPG Caspian Tern

Caspian Tern – seen on coastal and inland waters


Chestnut banded plover – salt pans


African Black Oyster Catcher – seen at Struisbaai Beach


African Harrier Hawk – Seen in Town!

14 thoughts on “I’d rather be …..

  1. How lucky to have a Hoopoe visit. I just love them
    Even saw one in Menorca and Dubai but just dull brown.


  2. What a marvellous photograph of the Oyster Catcher WITH and oyster! Like you, I would rather be … watching birds. The ones in my garden give me hours of pleasure.


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