Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Spoke

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “spoke.” Use it somewhere, in some form, in your post. “

Here is my contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt

In a stream of consciousness exercise one has to just let the fingers do the typing and write anything that comes into one’s head after being given a word as a prompt.

I think to myself – Spoke – what can I write about spoke.  I spoke to my daughter on the phone yesterday.  We usually keep in touch with text messages.  I like to speak but not on the phone.  I don’t know why this is.  It’s not that I won’t speak over the phone but I prefer to see the person to whom I am speaking.  This is odd because I’m quite happy to text long and involved messages. Most of my friends prefer to chat and they’re the ones who end up saying – enough of this texting I am going to ring you.  And they do and I end up being fine with a long verbal chat.


But texting is still my preferred method of distance communication.  As I write now the reasons for this are flooding my head.   I think it might be that texting is slower, giving one more time to think about the words to choose and being able to delete when you see what one’s saying is not quite right.  Also one can multitask while texting – check on the dinner, talk to one’s husband without saying – not now I’m on the phone!

But back to the daughter with whom I spoke yesterday.  We’d had a lovely text conversation and then the topic of the long weekend came up – and that required verbal interaction. Yes – there are times when speaking one to one is the only way to make arrangements.  Although texting them also gives one a reference especially when one is of a certain forgetful age!

So I spoke to my daughter and I look forward to seeing her in the flesh next weekend and having a proper one to one conversation where I can see her face, and read her feelings and get the full pleasure of proper chatconversation!

4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Spoke

  1. Texting is short, quick and can be done in one’s own time, knowing that the recipient will receive the message at his or her convenience. I enjoy talking to certain people on the phone, but seldom initiate the conversation unless I am absolutely sure they are unlikely to be busy.

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