Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Why

My contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Why

Why am I responding to a prompt so late on a Sunday night?  Well the answer is simple.  Friday 27 April was a public holiday, Freedom Day, which commemorates the first Free and Fair, Democratic Elections in our country.   We are also celebrating Workers’ Day on Tuesday 1 May so the school have been given Monday off too so that a nice long 5-day weekend can be enjoyed.  Our daughter took came up for the weekend and her friends, Cara and Sandy and their parents Doug and Bridgette joined us on Saturday too.

Of course Struisbaai is brimming over with visitors who are making the most of what remains of the remnantsThey are the parents of my  of Summer before Autumn says,  “Enough already, it’s my turn to herald the Winter.”  We’ve made sure our guests get the most of what the Southern Point has to offer too and have done the usual touristy things, walked on the beach and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.


Our Guests at the Southern Tip of Africa


The Gorgeous Girls on the Struisbaai Board Walk

But back to Why I am sitting at my computer this late.  My guests have retired to bed.  The daughters  have gone off to the Irish Pub down the road and although they are well and truly adult, someone needs to wait up for them to return home safely.  No that’s not the whole truth.  I had an after dinner coffee – and that’s never a good thing. If I try to go to sleep now, I will just toss and turn for the next three hours so why not write a blog instead!

Why did I drink coffee after dinner when I know that it’s going to prevent me from sleeping!  Because I love coffee that’s why.  And I really enjoy a cup with a small piece of dark chocolate after an excellent dinner with good conversation and lovely company.   Losing some sleep is a small price to pay for the pleasure that indulgence gives me.  Just hang on a sec.  I’m going to pour myself a second cup!


Essential Foods for Teachers


Ah that’s better. Now where was I – Oh yes – why I drink coffee.  Coffee is an essential food for teachers. Without coffee and chocolate teachers cannot do their jobs properly. It has these magical properties that raise the levels of serotonin which make female teacher calm and happy and able to cope with the stresses of their job.   So I got a taste for it in my past life as a teacher of very young children and now I can’t give it up – nor do I want to.  Please do not google the truth of the previous claim – trust me – it’s true.

I had no intention of writing about coffee today but this was the result of stream of consciousness responding to the prompt of WHY!



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