Saturday Stream of Consciousness 19 May 2018

Here is my contribution to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt Empty/Hollow

Empty is the space next to Meghan Markle as she walks down the aisle toward her Prince. But the hollow feeling in her tummy is filled with joy when Prince Charles meets her and walks her toward her Harry.   Tears pricked as I saw this austere prince look at her and reassure her that all will be well. And Harry undid me as he whispered – Thanks Pa.   What a charming prince he is!

There’s a lot said about the fact that Meghan’s Mom was the only one of her family members present.   My heart went out to her – she looked so proud of her only daughter.  Certainly her heart was full of love and pride and nothing could take that joy away from her.  From here on the knowledge that her child has married the love of her life will be enough for her.

The streets of Windsor were certainly not empty on Saturday 19 May 2018.   They were filled with well-wishers from all over the world.  History was made when the chapel was full of representatives of many diverse cultures.  There were no hollow feelings when the the happy couple joined their cultures in a most uplifting ceremony.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan. Long may you live in married bliss filling the world with all the love and care you have to share.




My ‘High Society’ friends and I remotely attended the wedding  and dressed for the occasion! The Baroness of The Emporium, The Shipwrecked Princess, The Duchess of Goose Hall, The Countess of Southbound.


The Lady of Milkwood Manor!


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