Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Favourite Word

Here is my contribution to this week’s stream of consciousness prompt

This week Linda asks us to write about our favourite word.

This is a stunning prompt.  My chosen word escapes my lips pretty often.   I may be lazy about choosing new words but this one describes things I like very well.   You can say stunning is so many different ways.  You can say it in a joyful way, an excited way, a surprised way and even in a sarcastic way.  You can draw it out – Stun-ning. Although for this type of expression I would choose – Fan-tas-tic.  You can shout it, you can whisper it – you can put on a accent with it.  There is a lot of playing around you can do with the word, stunning.

I use the word to describe experiences.  I had a stunning visit with my grandchildren this weekend.  I use it to describe what I eat – The meal at The Black Oyster Catcher was stunning.  I use it to describe how someone looks – Megan Markle looked stunning on her wedding day.

It’s a word that really puts across the emotion, feeling or description.  It’s to do with how it is said and it just gets the message across so much better than any other word.  You can’t help but understand exactly what this word expresses. It’s just stunning!

So yes – Stunning remains my favourite word.


A Stunning View from my daughter’s porch


5 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Favourite Word

  1. A stunning word, then 😀 I know, the grammar purists remind us every now and then that we should build and expand our vocabulary, not use the same word over and over. Sometimes they even shoot down the use of a specific word, e.g. “awesome”, which has been declared an undesirable. Why? I think your stunning word is awesome!

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