Stream of Consciousness – Reservation

This week’s Stream of consciousness prompt is Reservation

In the past few weeks I have made a few reservations.  I have made several reservations for an overseas trip to England and Europe in August.  I have reserved several camp sites for the trip we’re taking to Namibia in November.  I have reserved an apartment for my college reunion in Grahamstown in December.

It is usually advisable to make table reservations at a good restaurant if you don’t want to face being turned away when you arrive. The Black Marlin near Simonstown may be an exception. It is an upmarket restaurant but due to its remote location it is not busy, at night, during the winter. You would think that such places would slack off during the off-season – but not The Black Marlin.   Four of us were the only patrons there on Monday night.  I made the reservation for Carrol’s 75th birthday. She and her hubby live nearby so it made sense to give the place a try.  It was a good decision and although we were the only patrons we received excellent service and a fantastic meal.


Another meaning of the word reservation is a stretch of land reserved for the conservation of wild life.  Now this is my favourite meaning of the word.  Living in Africa, I frequently make reservations to visit such places.  The wild creatures roam free, hunt their own food and have little human intervention.


If you have any reservations about visiting an African country – remember that no place on earth is absolutely safe.  Take the correct precautions, take a chance and make a reservation to visit the most exciting place on earth.


7 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness – Reservation

  1. That meal looks fabulous! A wise choice 😛
    You are clearly putting reservation to good use with all your travel 🙂
    One day, I will visit. I am not afraid at all.

    Liked by 1 person

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