Mother and Daughter Trip – A Stunning Day in Stiges

28 August 2018

We were up and showered fairly early this morning. Lolz had some hand cream and I had a lipstick so we did our best to cleanse, tone and moisturize and use the lippie for a bit of colour before heading out to shop for a few essentials. Then we got on the train to Stiges and had a wonderful visit with my niece Martine who lives there with her hubby and kids.

Martine and Olivia met us at the train station and before going to the house we went shopping for shoes for Lolz and me. Olivia helped me choose but was a little disappointed that I didn’t take the more expensive Havana’s! She agreed though that the ones I chose were just fine,

The gifts I’d bought the boys were in the lost luggage but I still needed to get something for Olivia. I told her she could choose two toys for herself and 1 for each of her brothers as they would eventually get the awol ones, She immediately lead me to the the toy shop and we sent Lolz and Martine to the supermarket while we took our time browsing. And time was limited as it was almost Siesta time when everything closes during the hottest part of the day. In Rome I’d wanted to get a cute Plush stuffed animal with big googly eyes but Lolz wasn’t sure that Olivia would be into them. Well she was and after careful deliberation chose the two she wanted.

It was lovely to see Martine and Craig’s home and to spend time with them and their delightful children, We were served a superb Spanish lunch and then we frolicked in the pool.

Lovely views from every room

Lunch on the shady patio

Fun in the pool

Martine and Thomas

Sebastian taking a leap

Thomas insisted that Lolz wear his hat

But it suits him best

Stiges beach

All too soon it was time to get the train back. Martine drove us around Stiges and then dropped us at the station. What a great day! Looking forward to seeing them all in SA for Christmas.

Later that night Lolz’s suitcase was delivered to the hotel. Mine, however, didn’t seem to want to reunite with me😳

To be continued……

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