Wild Adventure – Namibia and Kgalagadi – Day 4 Ai Ais

30 October 2018

Today we had a pleasant day relaxing at Ai Ais Rest Camp.    Early this morning we were woken by the local feral cat population!  There were more than half a dozen of them and it seemed that there was competition for the turf!   They were all rather beautiful looking cats and The Earl just wanted to pet them, feed them and take them home!


One of the kitties who soon learned which side their bread was buttered!

Later in the morning the rhythmic sound of music caught our attention and we became aware that a group of local people were being videoed for a television show.   They were gaily dressed and doing some traditional dancing in the car park.


Along with all the other foreign tourists we thoroughly enjoyed the show!  At the end they invited to spectators to join in.  There was a group of French tourists who did not need a second invitation.


We also had fun doing a spot of bird watching and saw many pale winged starlings, mountain wheat-ear, rock martins, Cape robin and a few very pretty swallow-tailed bee-eaters


Swallow-tailed bee-eater with prey


We also enjoyed ‘taking the waters’ and in the evening we enjoyed a braai before turning in for the night.

The Earl and Tony bonding at The Braai


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