The All Coastal Bottom Fish Interprovincial Competition

The All Coastal Bottom Fish Interprovincial Competition was hosted by Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club at Struisbaai from Tuesday 21 March to Saturday 25 March 2017.   Thanks to Leander Wiit (Chairman of Western Provence Deep Sea Angling Association), DP Burger (Convener)  and Louis  Becker (Tournaments Officer) for their organisation of the event.

The three days fished were Wednesday, Thursday  and Friday.  Conditions were superb although the sea was quite rough on Thursday.

There were nine teams, namely

  • Western Province White – DP Burger (Captain) Iaan Viljoen and Gus Rautmann
  • Western Province Blue – Morne Marais (Captain) Ron Pennninkhof and Philip van der Walt
  • Western Province Juniors – Christof Dahl (Captain) Divan Burger and Karla Rautmann
  • Natal DSSA – Abed Khan (Captain) Heino Meyer and Timothy Munnick
  • Southern Cape White – Terry Terblanche (Captain) Koos Scholtz and Johan Crouse
  • Southern Cape Blue – Rod Kieser (Captain) Chris Schorn and Thys Uys
  • Eastern Province Black – Wayne Gerber (Captain) Christopher Gerber and Sheena Gerber
  • Eastern Province Red – Kevin Clark (Captain) Peter Dawson and Alie Matthysen
  • Border Deep Sea – Rory Leonard (Captain) Allan Ford and Everitt van Loggerenberg

Thanks to the skippers who put in their boats for this competition

  • Kitty Cat – Pietro Cutino
  • Haven – Colin Joubert
  • Sea Dodger – Roger Marais
  • Cavalier – Mark Truter
  • Men @ Work – Piet Wessels
  • GT – Patrick Christodoulou
  • Relentless – Daniel Hughes
  • S-Catman – Louis Bekker
  • King Fisher – Erik Dahl
All Coastal Boats

The boats used in the competition.  Thanks to the awesome skippers.


All the catering was done by Marinda de Kock and her team. All can attest to the superbness of the breakfasts, lunch boxes and dinners.


A Delicious Spread at the Opening Function

The radio communications were ably controlled by Andrew Perris and assisted by Earl Fenwick who also took most of the photographs.

Thanks too, to the following people, Grant van der Westhuizen, Elize Beukes and Dick le Roux   for doing an awesome job as weigh masters at the scales, Mark Westhook for organising the bait and Louis Becker and Patrick Christodoulou for doing the scoring.

At the opening function it was great to see the teams dressed in their colours, newbies were capped and there was an auction to predict and ‘buy’ the winning teams.  He/she who predicted the first, second and third winners would win a handsome cash prize.


Leander Wiit and Patrick Christodoulou with the newly capped WP Juniors – Divan Burger, Karla Rautmann and Christof Dahl

Launching time was 7:00 am which meant a chilly and early rising if you wanted to enjoy a good breakfast before setting off to nab your catch.  The aim was to get as many bottom species as possible.  They had to be measured, photographed and released. However, if it was a pending record fish it had to be brought to the scales to be weighed.   Yellowtail could be caught, kept and brought to the scales for points.


Busy at the scales


An awesome catch of yellowtail by Southern Cape White -Terry, Johan and Koos

The Gerber family – Eastern Province Black –  did exceptionally well and were a tough team to beat!



Sheena Gerber achieved a SADSA Lady’s 6kg line class record with her beautiful yellowtail


The only juniors fishing and didn’t they have an awesome time – not to mention a three day break from boring old school!

A special word of thanks is due to the skippers of GT, Cavalier and Haven for hosting the Juniors.  Thank you guys for your patience with and your guidance and support of these delightful youngsters.   Long may they continue with their passion for the sport.


Christof Dahl holding his Red Stompneus which is a pending 6kg line class junior record.

It was a close competition and on Saturday all held a collective breath waiting to hear the final results at the prize-giving function.   Roger and Sonja Marais were particularly delighted to hear that Western Province Blue, the team they ‘bought’ were the winners!

Winning Team Western Province Blue 2017-03-25 08-06-06 PM 800x600

Sonja and Roger with the winning team!


Eastern Province Black - Second 2017-03-25 08-00-54 PM 800x600

What an exceptional Eastern Province family in second place

Border - Third 2017-03-25 07-57-43 PM 800x628.JPG

And Border came an awesome third

Pietro Cutiono Third Skipper Kitty Kat2017-03-25 07-41-38 PM 800x600 2017-03-25 07-41-38 PM 800x600 2017-03-25 07-41-38 PM 800x600

Pietro Cutino (Kitty Cat) was the skipper in third place

Second Skipper Piet Wessels Men @ Work 2017-03-25 07-42-13 PM 800x600

Colin Joubert (Haven) was placed second

Top Skipper Louis Bekker S-Catman 2017-03-25 07-42-40 PM 800x600

And the top skipper was Louis  Bekker (S-Catman)

And so ended another awesome Suidpunt Deep Sea angling event!







An interlude in Port Edward

Hilton invited us to spend some time with them at their holiday home in Port Edward while we’re here in KZN.  We needed to take Lolz to the airport yesterday so we decided to stop over with them on our way back.

King Shaka International Airport is a three hour drive from Kokstad so it was a crack of dawn start on a beautiful clear day.   We were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and had a golf cart come by and give us a lift from the carpark to departures.  It took half an hour for Laurie to get through the bag drop queue and then we went to Mugg and Bean for breakfast.


Bag Drop was busy!


Brekkie at Mugg and Bean

The drive from the airport along the South Coast of KZN is one of the most beautiful in South Africa. It has a subtropical climate and everything is intensely green.   The old railway line is still in existence for industrial use but sadly no passenger trains use it anymore.


A mix of traditional and modern housing


The railway next to the sea


A very scenic route

In 1979 I stayed with a friend whose family farmed in Boston.  At that time I had no connections with anybody in KZN!  Together we took the train from Durban to Port Shepstone – a beautiful scenic ride which took about six hours.   Another friend collected us from there and took us to Port Edward.  I still have amazing memories of the mud huts in which we stayed, the trees and the unspoiled beach.   Returning there this year to stay with Hilton and Glynis was a thrill.  Progress of course, is inevitable because those thatched, mud huts which nestled on 640 ha of pristine land, bordered by two rivers and one of the most unspoiled beaches in Southern Africa, have been replaced by The  Wild Coast Sun Hotel and Casino.  Heather’s husband, Gundi, also remembers the site, as he too spent many family holidays there.

Although a lot of development has taken place, the beaches are still unspoilt and it is a delightful area in which to have a holiday home. Hilton and Glynis have one close to a small beach where the kids can mess about in rock pools, there is space for the boat and tractor that pulls and launches it and there is also a pool.


They usually have this beach all to themselves


Glynis and the dog


Just watch out for grass snakes before getting into the pool

Soon after we arrived we went down to the Ski-boat club which overlooks the main beach.   We enjoyed a drink and then returned with Nathan who had just been discharged from hospital and was a little tired.  Recently Hilton and Gareth entered a species competition and they and Earl returned to attend the prize giving.  And Gareth was thrilled to get R2000 in prize money!


Gareth posing with photos of past catches that line the walls of the living area


An old landrover is what is used for most of the driving around Port Edward


Hilton at the wheel – even the windscreen is missing


It’s a really fun ride

In the evening we went to the spectacular Wild Coast Casino for dinner.  It was busy and full of gamblers but we enjoyed wandering around the place and the restaurant, Chico’s was lovely.   For a set price they serve soup, Mongolian stir fry, roasts, seafood, vegetables, cold meats and salads and a variety of desserts.   You may help yourself and eat as much as you can manage!  We had an amazing evening.




Lit up for Christmas


Tropical Fish in the ponds

This morning we were up very early and met another niece Heather and her hubby Gundi for breakfast at Bobbie’s – which also overlooks the main beach.


Gundi, Heather, Glynis, Hilton and me

Afterwards we went for a walk along the beach.   The swimming flags were up and a good number of life guards were on duty.  Once again we thoroughly enjoyed our morning bonding with our younger relatives.  We are very keen to visit them there again in the future and when Earl is stronger Hilton wants to take him out to sea – the KZN way!


View from Bobbie’s


The sea was 20 degrees C – Hilton said it was cold but it was not!


Life Guards keeping a close eye on the bathers

It was an hour and a half drive from Port Edward back to Lauren’s.   We took the short cut which involved a game of “dodge the pothole” and watch out for pedestrians, cows and goats but once on the N2 it was smooth going again.


Tonight we are having a quiet evening and may or may not stay awake to see the New Year in!


Wine Farm and Beaches

On Monday afternoon we went down to say farewell to Struisbaai beach as we the following day we would be heading to Cape Town to spend the Christmas holidays with the kids in Cape Town.  The water was stunning.  How lucky we are to have this on our doorstep.


The tide was quite high


Abri’s boat on anchor in the background


Holiday Makers having fun on a jet ski


Earl thinks he might like to have one!

We woke up early yesterday, washed the linen and towels and made sure the house was in order for our holiday tenants.  While the washing was drying on the line, we decided to try out the new restaurant on the Main Road.  It is called 55 Knots and has a magnificent view of the sea.  As it was a stunning morning we decided to sit out on the deck.


We made friends with a couple at the neighbouring table and the gentleman kindly took this photograph for us.

The first thing I want to know about a new restaurant: – Is the coffee good?  – and I am relieved to say that Yes – 55 Knots has passed the test!   Our breakfast – a three egg omelette with a choice of three fillings @ R45 was superb.   So they will definitely be seeing us again soon.  And the new owners have trained their staff well.  Our waitress was wonderful.  She was quick, efficient and friendly.  The owner also came to check on us and we were pleased to give her positive feedback.  They have only been open a week but we are sure they will have an excellent season.

The linen and towels were dry when we got home and so after packing everything away we bidding the house farewell, we dropped the keys off at the agent and set off for Robertson.   It was a pleasant drive and we did some high speed birding but didn’t get an impressive list.

Before meeting Abri went to the tasting centre and enjoyed the dam and birds for a while.   A white-throated swallow posed and performed beautifully for me.


A lovely place to relax – the dam at Springfield Wine Estate



White-throated swallow at the edge of the jetty


About to fly off

We’d come to Springfield to collect some wine which Abri is generously donating for an old members reunion at Cape Boat and Ski-boat Club next month.  But we were also invited to a ‘light’ lunch.


Our host preparing calamari and prawns for lunch


Our lunch was a gastronomic delight served with my favourite Springfield Sauvignon Blanc  “Life from Stone” of course 



A family of geese have taken over Abri’s Swimming Pool

After our excellent lunch and the wonderful company of Abri and his daughter Emma we made our way to Cape Town. So it is in another holiday town that we find ourselves.  I grew up on Fish Hoek Beach so I will always have a soft spot for it but it does tend to get terribly crowded during the season! Although the same can be said for Struisbaai, it is a longer beach and you can always find a place to put your towel!

This morning I decided to beat the crowds and go down to the beach early.  I rallied the troops who complained bitterly at having to drag their sleepy bodies out of bed at the rude hour of 7:00 am.   Josh was somewhat more enthusiastic than Jay and I am so grateful that they accompanied me on a run down the beach.  They decided against the swim afterwards – Jay  said he was too exhausted and Josh had a blood nose!   He did run faster and further than Jay and I managed so maybe that’s what brought it on.

Initially the water was freezing – far colder than Struisbaai – but once I was in it was glorious.  The shark net wasn’t up yet so I kept a close eye out for monsters. I wallowed for ages and chatted to some other Fish Hoekites – there were very few young ones in the water – we were all over 50!


Fish Hoek Beach


It was pretty early


Shark net going out.

Earl was up even earlier and went off fishing but didn’t get too much – It’s calamari for supper tonight!









Wild Fears

We make our way stealthily through the inky darkness.   There is no light other than the dim beam from our torch.   I am not used to the bush and every rustle conjures up visions of wild animals lying in wait to pounce on me.    My husband enjoys my discomfiture and teases continuously telling me that jackals have their lairs just metres from our rondawel.

I giggle nervously half believing him.   It has been storming but now the night is still and fresh.  I open the door and a wild creature leaps out knocking me off my feet.   I gasp and shriek.   The creature is on top of me pinning me to the ground.   I feel his hot breath on my cheek and brace myself for its vicious fangs to tear into my flesh.  But instead, I am suddenly covered with wet licks from the farmer’s German Shepherd.   During the storm he’d jumped in through the window and settled down for a nap, which we have now interrupted!    Hubby is beside himself with laughter while I am hopping mad!

Exhausted now we settle down for the night. But wait what’s that I see.  “My gosh, Darling, there’s a snake in the thatch!”

“Relax,” assures my hero – I’ll get him out.   He gets up and ties a hook – gaff style – to his rod, but too late the snake suspecting danger slithers into the thatch and disappears.

“He has to sleep,” – Hubby says – “we’ll deal with it in the morning.”

Exhausted by my hectic day I finally drop into a troubled sleep.  Suddenly I am woken with a feeling of foreboding.   I sense my husband stiff and in a cold sweat beside me.

“What?” I say –

“SHHH,” he says,  “Don’t move!     Something hit my wrist  – It’s lying next to us.”

Move? – I’m rigid with fear – not a muscle will obey me.   He whips the cover off and shines the torch beside us and there, black and terrifying and curled up fast asleep – is an enormous Songololo!


#NaBloPoMo 20 – Lions and more@ Addo


It was the call of the fiery-necked nightjar calling loudly that woke me at a rude hour this morning.  I lay listening to The Good Lord Deliver Us over and over again before reluctantly climbing out of bed and heading to the showers.  Good thing too – because it was already light and gate opening was at 5:30.  We made it to the gate by 5:45.

The weather was somewhat cooler but still warm enough for shorts and t-shirt but I took along a jersey for when the windows were open.  Our first bird of the morning was this summer visitor from Eastern Europe


Although the steppe buzzards breeds in Eastern Europe they migrate to Southern Africa in summer arriving in October and leaving in April

Another non-breeding summer migrant is the barn swallow


These birds start arriving in September and the last ones leave in April

An intra-African migrant Lesser Striped swallow greeted us early this morning.


Lesser Striped Swallow – present in South Africa from July to March

The Southern Masked weaver is a common resident in South Africa and is not too shy to pose for a portrait.  They can become quite tame and frequent campsites in the hope that they pick up a snack or two from the friendly humans.


How those vicious thorns don’t stab them I do not know.

As we drive around the reserve we frequently hear – Willie – come out and fight – scared.  Or that is what the field guides tell us the Sombre bulbul is saying.  But I think it sounds more like. Look out – you can’t find me – whaaaaa.  But today we did find him – right out in the open too.

Another one who calls out loudly and likes to hide is the very pretty little Diderick Cuckoo.   Today Earl found him trying to camouflage in the foliage.


The male cuckoo is very good looking – but he and his wife don’t raise their own chicks.  The female chooses a variety of hosts including the southern masked weaver, red bishop, Cape sparrow and Cape wagtail. She lays up to 20 eggs per season so that’s a lot of surrogate mothers she has to find!

It is important to get out into the park early if you want to see predators. Lions are lazy and sleep in a shady spot most of the day.  Today we found two large males at Carol’s Rest and they were just lying there – awake and just staring into the distance.


Lions Rule

Red Hartebeest, zebra and kudu were waiting, dead still, over the road on the hillside, very aware of the enemy and too scared to come down to drink.

We parked off, had breakfast and drank our coffee while we waited to see if anything would happen.  Warthogs have to be the bravest and cheekiest of animals.  The appeared from the other side of the waterhole so did not consult with the herbivores on the hillside.  They boldly approached their kings and I wondered how the conversation went.


Please, Your Majesty, may I go down to drink?


Now let me think – I’ll check with my brother


NO!  Get out of here or we’ll have you for breakfast!


The cheek of those subjects!

You would think the others would learn from the warties – but no – all of a sudden a herd of donkeys in prison clothes came racing across the road – then stood dead still in front of their sovereign.


We’re just out of jail and very thirsty – May we have a drink please sire?


Oh sure – if you want to be steak!

So they turned tail and headed back to the hill.


They have to leave some time – we’ll just have to wait!

We watched these antics for over an hour and then decided to head back to camp.


We were thrilled to find two meerkats – but only one photograph is worth posting.


Life is good in Addo Elephant Park


Jackals are usually on a mission but this one must have had a tough night as he is settling for a nap


I’m watching you – please leave me in peace.

Back at camp we decided to follow the jackals example and have a nap before going out in search of more game later in the afternoon.

It was 3 pm when we set off again and I have to eat my words about summer reaching the Eastern Cape ahead of us.  A cold front sneaked up, strong winds blew and the heavens clouded over.   It is calmer as I type but freezing cold!   It will probably rain in the night.

Anyway this did not dampen our spirits and we had an enjoyable game drive.  Surprisingly there we saw no elephants until the very end.

It was great to see a black-shouldered kite


A greater double-collared sunbird posed and sang for us.

And finally at Hapoor we found a small herd of elephants

We decided to do a small potjie over the fire for tonight’s dinner


And just to make our day a bushbuck came to visit





A Whale of a Time in Struisbaai

There are two things my darling husband knows I don’t do.  I don’t fly in light aircrafts and I don’t go out to sea in small boats!  Yet this year found me flying not once but twice in a light aircraft and today, wait for it, I went out to sea in Kiora – his small fishing boat!’

And why was I persuaded to do this mad thing?  Well as I’ve mentioned in this Blog before, I’ve decided to retire adventurously and to do things I wouldn’t in my saner days do.  A little bit of madness in one’s old age goes a long way to make one move out of one’s comfort zone.  Megan was keen to go so I decided – oh well why not!

So up we were before 7 this morning and out to sea we went!   I was not a happy camper for the first half an hour it’s the speed and bumping over the waves that scares me silly, but then I got into the flow and decided I’d better just enjoy it.

To be honest it is beautiful out at that time of the morning which is actually late for most fishermen.

Heading out to sea

In the middle of the ocean

This trawler is from Cape Town

This trawler is from Cape Town and on her way to Gaansbaai

Earl spotted some whales

Earl spotted some whales



My super zoom camera did not let me down

My super zoom camera did not let me down

I even caught a fish - red stump

I even caught a fish – red stump

We changed Kiora's name to Love Boat

We changed Kiora’s name to Love Boat


Megan’s Blue Hottentot


Earl was thrilled to get a beautiful cob

The pyjama shark had to be released

The pyjama shark had to be released

The red roman was released too

The red roman was released too

Phoning and Fishing - After all we girls can multi-task

Phoning and Fishing – After all we girls can multi-task

We moved from reefs to wrecks looking for the best fishing grounds but there was not really much happening today. The scarcity of birds told us that we could try but our luck would be limited so at 11:00 we headed back to shore.

Nice to take photos from the other side

Nice to take photos from the other side

Our beautiful harbour

Our beautiful harbour

Happy Fishers

Happy Fishers

Everybody was pretty tired after all the fresh sea air so after cleaning fish we all had an afternoon nap.   Tonight we are going to Tommy and Megan’s friend’s farm for a braai.


Retiring Adventurously – Heritage Weekend – Struisbaai and Breede River

Weekends and Long weekends mean nothing to one when one’s retired as every day is a holiday.  It’s only when somebody rings to say they want to come to stay that one realises that something special is happening.

Our darling daughter, Laurie, sometimes known as Lolz, came to spend the Heritage Weekend with us here in Struisbaai.  “But Mom, You need to meet my friend Cara’s parent – they’ll be at Breede River – would’t you l like to spend Saturday there and spend the night?

Well, why not?  We haven’t got anything better to do and we’ve heard a lot about Cara’s parents over the years and the girls have often said, “you guys have so much in common – you really need to meet.”  When one’s kids are little, you meet the parents of their friends but when they grow up, you tend not to.  So we agreed that this would be a good idea.

Lolz arrived at 7:14 pm on Wednesday evening and we went to Pelican Harbour Cafe for dinner.  Not the best supper we’ve ever had there but still a pleasant evening.  Earl’s ribs were okay but our grilled calamari was a bit fishy in taste and we left half of it.

Daddy and Daughter

Daddy and Daughter

Enjoying the old photographs of Struisbaai

Enjoying the old photographs of Struisbaai

It looked good and usually it is!

It looked good and usually it is!

The next day Lolz had to do some work – she’d taken Friday off so needed to do work to make up for it.

We did some garden work and found this tiny tortoise the size of a small urchin shell and smaller than the leaf it was next to.


Lolz needed to get some air after working hard most of the day and so we went for a walk on our beautiful beach.


The harbour




View from the boardwalk

IMG_7951 IMG_7953 IMG_7954

On Friday she needed to work some more and I did quite a bit of ‘hooking’. She saw my crochet work and ordered a set of placemats!

We decided to make Banting pizzas for supper!  The local fish shop stocks Banting products and we bought psyllium husks from them.   I prepared the cauliflower mash and Lolz mixed this with the psyllium husks to make the pizza bases.  We baked them in the convection oven and then added the toppings.  I had no faith that this would work but to be honest the pizzas were divine – even better than normal pizza – But if you decide to do it, don’t expect it to be anything like normal pizza.  The base is nothing like a normal pizza base. I never liked Pizza bases – I always felt sick after eating Pizza as much as I like eating them at the time.  But the cauliflower/psyllium husk base was just delicious and no after effects!   We put our favourite topping on top – cheese, feta, olives, creamed spinach, olives and avo after.

Lolz making Pizza

A canary loving our garden


Lolz making Pizza

Me eating Banting Pizza

Me eating Banting Pizza

On Saturday we were packed with towels and bedding and ready to leave by 9:00 am.   We stopped to pick up a dozen pre-ordered croissants from O K Grocer and then shopped in Bredasdorp for our braai.

Our first stop was at my sister at Riverine, Breede River.  Her son, Robert was there with his wife Katja and baby Matthew.  There is another little great nephew on the way!

Matty waiting for Granny's scones

Matty waiting for Granny’s scones


Tucking into scones


The croissants weren’t bad either


But Matty prefers his Grandma’s scones


Mom, I need a jammer lappie!


Boy having fun


Robs still love his mommy


Lolz, Tana, Earl


Brian, Robs

After a couple of lovely hours catching up with family we made our way to Lemoentuin to meet Laurie’s friends. L Cara and Laurie have been friends since they spent a year working in London.  The girls have always wanted their parents to meet and this weekend it finally happened.  What a stunning time we had!  In spite of it being a cold and wet weekend we had the most amazing time.  As the girls predicted we immediately clicked with Doug and Bridget as we have so much in common.

We had an early braai so that we could go to The Boathouse Pub to watch the Rugby.

The gang - Earl, Doug, Lolz, Justin and Cara

The gang – Earl, Doug, Lolz, Sean and Cara


Watching the Boks beat Somoa – Cara, Heather, Earl, Sean


The Boathouse, Breede River

I’m not really  big on watching sport but it is after all The World Cup – so I got quite excited to see the Boks doing so well. Last week we ate Sushi – with disastrous results – On this day we had a traditional braai with boerewors and obviously this bode well and we crushed the Samoans!  Go Bokke!

After the match we took Doug and Bridget home, enjoyed a cup of coffee and chat and then retired to bed.

Next morning the kids cooked breakfast on the skottel and we finally made our way back to Struisbaai.  The dirt roads were muddy and slippery but luckily we can go anywhere in a Land Rover.  But oh wow just look at the designer mud!

IMG_7997 IMG_7999

Earl getting rid of the mud

Earl getting rid of the mud