Y Is for Yellow-billed – Z is for Zebra

This week’s Black and White/Sepia Challenge is to post photographs beginning with Y or Z

Once again I have found wild life photographs taken in the Kruger National Park.

2010-10-09 009 Yellowbilled kite helen

Yellow-billed Kite

IMG_6875 yellow-billed stork

Yellow-billed Stork

IMG_6385 yellowbilled hornbill

Yellow-billed Hornbill

IMG_5889 Zebra crossing

Zebra Crossing

2010-10-07 046 Zebra Helen

Zebra Mom and Foal

2010-10-07 057Zebra Helen

Don’t get lost Baby Zebra


W is for Wildlife

Here is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White challenge

2009-12-28 016 Warthog Helen

W is for Warthog – What a Whopper

02 January 2007 093

W is for Wild Dog

086 Wildebeest sepia

W is for Wildebeest (Direct translation Wild beast – but he is a gentle Gnu)


W is for Wheatear – Capped in this case

501 Woodpecker

W is for Woodpecker – working at the wood

wryneck best 2

W is for Wryneck  – Sepia suits his colouring which is of browns and a rustic red throat.