Cee’s Black and White Challenge -Animals

This week’s challenge from Cee calls for photographs of animals in Black and White or Sepia.  Here is my contribution.

2010-10-12 007 Leopard Earl

Leopard in Kruger National Park 

IMG_2170 - Copy

Mom and Pup – Spotted Hyaena  – Kruger National Park


Male Lion – Kruger National Park


Lioness – Kruger National Park


Addo Elephant Park


Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park


Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Trains and Tracks

Here is my contribution to this week’s Black and White Challenge

204 Straun Railway Engine

Strahan, Tasmania, Australia

205 Straun Old Railway Station

Strahan, Tasmania

349 Train coming in

Train coming into Cardiff Railway Station, NSW, Australia

380 Darling Harbour train

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia




Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Two

This week the  challenge is to post two very different things in one photograph.  This did indeed present a challenge as I really wanted to post a photo or six with two elephants, two zebra, two giraffe etc ‘cos I’ve got lots of those.   But here is what I did manage to find.

2010-06-17 014

Man and Fish

2010-06-23 047

Boy and Puppy


Wattled Starling and Lilac-breasted Roller – both birds but different species!


Great-great Aunt and Great-great Niece


Black and White Challenge – Bikes of any Kind

Last night I saw that this week’s black and white challenge was Bikes of Any Kind.  Oh good, I thought, I have a few in the archives I can use.   We’re away for a couple of days and I was planning to post as soon as I got a chance.  Then this morning we went off on a scenic drive and stopped for breakfast at Diesel and Creme in Barrydale – And low and behold – it was full of bikers!   They were taking a breakfast break from the Buffalo Rally.  What a lot of material they provided for me – and they were quite willing to pose for photos too!  So I’ve abandoned my original plan to post a a variety of different bikes and stuck to the motor cycles of The Buffalo Rally

They gave me so much material but I’ve cut it down to a mere ten photographs!  Apologies!


Diesel and Creme is a popular stop on Route 62


Bikers are always welcome


Diesel and Creme have a collection of ancient things – bikes included


A line-up of incredible bikes


And some more with helmet waiting


Biking boots



A group of bikers kindly posed for me


And allowed me to photograph their helmets


Then they hit the road!



Black and White Challenge – Large Subjects

This week Cee asks us to submit large subjects

“This week the topic is Large Subjects.  Large can be a matter of perspective.  Although I would assume large means bigger than a human being.  You can also show perspective of something real small and then something bigger than the small object.”

Here is my contribution,


The Ground Hornbill is a big bird – but not when compared to an elephant

392 Opera House

Sydney Opera House

403 Looking down from the pylon