Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Rain and/or Rainbow

For this week’s Fun Photo Challenge we’re asked to post photographs or rainbows or rain.   Here is my contribution

086 Braai in the rain

A summer thunderstorm interrupted our braai – “No problem,” said our grandson, Jay. And he stood in his bathing costume to complete the cooking!


Rainbow over the vineyards

003 Full Rainbow at Nossob 2015-03-18 06-39-57 PM 4608x3456

Stormy Rainbow in the Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Leaves or Trees

Here is my contribution to this week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee


The leaves of the Mopane Tree are butterfly shaped.  The wood of the mopane tree is hard and is used to build houses and also railway sleepers. It is termite resistant

2010-10-08 003 Baobab Tree Helen

Baobab Tree in Winter

Boabab Tree

Baobab Tree in Summer


044 Boys in tree

Grandsons climbing trees



Weekly Fun Photo Challenge – Wildlife

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee calls for Wild Life Photographs.  This should be easy for me as I have literally thousands of Wild photographs.  BUT what to choose – that is the question.  I have limited myself to ten! I hope you enjoy the ones that cracked the nod.

2010-10-03 037 African Darter Helen

African Darter with prey – Lake Panic, Kruger National Park

2010-10-02 011 Warthogs Helen

Piggy sun-downers at Sunset Dam, Kruger National Park

043 Brown Hyena Helen 2015-03-16 08-09-33 AM 2620x1961

Brown Hyaena at Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park

2010-10-12 029 Giraffe Helen

Giraffe – Kruger National Park

2010-10-06 024 Elephant Earl

Kicking up dust while racing to the waterhole

134 Cheetah Earl 2015-03-29 07-02-019

Cheetah – Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park

2010-10-12 001 Leopard Earl

Nothing beats coming upon this with not another car in sight – Kruger National Park


Life is good in The Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park


I love you Mom


A  cuddle of cubs



Fun Photo Challenge – Birds

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge’s Topic is Birds

Wow – what a challenge – I have literally thousands of bird photographs being the bird enthusiast that I am – so what to choose was my dilemma.   I decided to post the more unusual and interesting rather than the photographically perfect.

030 Vereaux's Eagle-owl

Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl with prey

129 A Bathing Secretary Bird IMG_5621

Secretary Bird taking a bath

234 red-crested korhaan

Red-crested Korhaan with crest up

449 Red-crested korhaan

Red-crested Korhaan in full voice

2010-10-03 030 African Darter Helen

African Darter at Lake Panic – Kruger National Park

2010-10-06 066 Bateleur on tortoise carcass Helen

Bateleur with tortoise prey

2010-10-09 028 Avian Murder Earl

Avian Murder?  A red-billed buffalo-weaver attacking his enemy.


This young sugar-bird knocked himself out when he flew into a window.  The Earl revived him and ever since then he returns to say thank you


Fun Photo Challenge – Z

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee calls for pictures of anything beginning with Z.  Of course the first thing that comes to mind is Zebra.

2015-11-21 Addo Zebra baby2015-11-022

Part of the challenge includes photographs of  ‘catching zzzs’

059Tough life Helen 2015-03-18 05-35-31 PM 4608x3456

Lazy Lion 

108 Puff Adder 2015-03-25 01-23-52 PM 3456x4608

Sleeping Puff Adder found in our Kgalagadi Camp!

110 Puff Adder under tree 2015-03-25 01-42-27 PM 4608x3456

Went straight back to sleep when he was caught and put under a distant tree!


A very comfy position to sleep in


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge 19 December 2017

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee calls for photos that begin with R and have at least six letters.  Here is my contribution.

2009-12-30 42 Rhino Earl


057 Rabbit


204 Straun Railway Engine.jpg

Railway Engine – Strahan – Tasmania

205 Straun Old Railway Station

Railway Station – Strahan – Tasmania

285 Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorrikeet