Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Letter Q

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee  requires a photo that contains the letter Q.

Here is my contribution.

2010-04-16 Kgalagadi 020 Earl Ground Squirrels

Ground Squirrels

2011-01-07 010 Addo Quail-finch Earl


011 Namaqua Sandgrouse

Namaqua Sandgrouse



Fun Photo Challenge – J

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee asks that we use the letter J anywhere in a word which must have at least six letters.

Two of my grandsons have J in their names – put the two names together and you get Jay-Joshua  Is this cheating?  I can’t resist posting of fun photo of them as pre-schoolers. (They’re now 19 and 20)

003 Spiderman.jpg

Joshua-and-Jay with Spiderman painted faces

There always has to be something wild in my posts!

2009-01-14 Black-baced jackal pup Kruger.JPG

Jackal Puppy

And of course a bird!

2010-07-11 158 Swamp Nightjar.jpg

Swamp Nightjar





Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge 3 October 2017

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge needs the letter g

It’s an easy topic this week, thanks to Cee.   Being a wildlife enthusiast I have a few Gs that I can think of.

24 December 2006 100

Green Pigeon

121 Double banded sandgrouse Male Helen

Double-banded Sandgrouse

Flamingos flying-001

Greater Flamingos

May Holiday 105


Night Heron (2)

Night Heron

2010-10-02 024 Giraffe Earl

A G Post would not be complete without a Giraffe


Fun Photo Challenge – Four letter word beginning with D

Naturally as a mad keen birder I am choosing the word DUCK for this week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee

080 Australian Black Duck

Pacific Black Duck (Australia)

306 Wandering Whistling Duck-001

Wandering Whistling Duck (Australia)

Duck-Fulvous-Bushman's Kloof - Earl

Fulvous Duck (South Africa)


Yellow-billed Duck (South Africa)

Oh alright then, I won’t be totally boring – here are two DOOR pictures as well.


Amalfi, Italy


Door seen on Main Street of Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England.




Fun Photo Challenge – Hallways

Here is my contribution to this week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee

Earl in hospital hallway 2

The Earl having post operative exercise time in the hall of an Italian Hospital


Typical hallway in a cathedral in Salerno, Italy


A hallway of one of the ruins of Pompeii Italy 


Most entrance halls had pools such as this one – Pompeii Italy 


Fun Photo Challenge 27 June 2017

This week’s fun photo challenge calls for all kinds of furniture.  Here is my take on it – Shabby Chic at Diesel and Creme, Barrydale, Western Cape, South Africa


I love the cushions.


Relaxing in the winter sun, waiting for coffee


Fabulous outdoor decor!