Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SUP

This week Linda G Hill gives us another challenge to get our free writing going.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “sup.” Use it as a word or find a word that contains it.”

Sup, to an old lady like me means to eat supper or to sip soup.   But, of course, this word is seldom used by young or old these days and the only place we are likely to see it used in such a way, is in well-written novels with a period theme.

My grandchildren frequently greet me with ‘Sup, Gran?”   instead of,
Good Morning dearest grandmother and how are you today?”  Such niceties seldom escape their lips.  They do not mind their Ps and Qs in my presence.  They talk to me about absolutely everything – things I wouldn’t have dared bring up with my grandmother!

I have grown weary of reminding them that I’m old and require them to show a little more respect for my grey hair!   They laugh out loud and say – Get real Gran!

I guess I only have myself to blame.   If I wish to engage them in meaningful conversation then I need to speak their language.

Sup, then, to the young is just a way of greeting each other. So instead of saying Hello how are you they say -Sup.   An appropriate response would be – Same a usual – sup with you?
In South Africa the colloquial greeting would be – Howzit?   In bad English that means – How is it?  In good Afrikaans you would say, “Hoe gaan dit?’  Direct translation to English is – How goes it?  So it has been corrupted to Howzit.

I used to think that I ALWAYS spoke and wrote  The Queen’s English until I visited England and had the locals raise a questioning eyebrow when they didn’t understand a term that slipped easily off my tongue.  Guilty as charged – I speak South African!

I use words like ‘jol’ There’s no better word to put across that you’ve been out enjoying yourself.  I went  “jolling” last night – means I went out on the town.   She’s a ‘joller’  means she’s a party girl.   “We had such a “lekker jol” yesterday,”  means, “We had a very nice time, yesterday.”

Words, that we English Speaking South Africans, have borrowed from Afrikaans, pepper our speech all the time and I love it.  Ja for yes, lekker for nice, vrot for rotten, lapppie for cloth, the list goes on.   Language is what defines where we come from.  Accents do the same thing.  I love Language and I adore accents.

So I will not be offended to be greeted with ‘sup’.   After all, I grew up with Bugs Bunny – and he used it in it’s purest form all the time.

What's up doc

Now he would say, “Sup, Doc!”





Stream of Consciousness Saturday – 23 June 2014

It’s Saturday again and here is my contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt – Bug


I ate a bug on purpose once.   It was actually a Mopane Worm – is that counted as a bug?   I didn’t want to eat it but The Chef at the place I was visiting insisted and I thought it would be rude to refuse – so I ate a worm!   It wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t so good either.  But I did not choke or gag.   The chef was delighted and his stern face broke into a broad grin when I swallowed it in front of him.
Later in the evening the hostess of the Boma presented The Earl, who had also eaten a one, and me with a certificate to prove that we’d been such adventurous diners!

Mopani Worm

A live Mopane Worm (from the internet)

Mopani cooked

Would you eat a worm salad? (internet photograph)

I’ve heard that we unknowingly ingest small bugs all the time.  But as long as I don’t know about it, I don’t care.

I’m not anti bug in general.  Of course there are some that I don’t like having around – mosquitoes can be a real nuisance and I take precautions so that I don’t get bitten especially when I’m visiting Malaria Areas.  I also take great delight in killing flies with my electronic fly swatter.

But I’m into wild life and will take care to release the useful type of bug if they are silly enough to enter my home.   Dragonflies are pretty creatures and I’m not afraid of them. Spiders I treat with respect – I won’t pick them up with my bare hands but I am not keen on squishing them.    I enjoy watching Dung Beetles in the wild – very industrious creatures they are to be sure!

dung beetle

Many of these tiny creatures are really pretty and interesting.   There are millions of species of bug and they all have a function in the ecosystem – So please don’t bug them and they won’t bug you.






Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Favourite Word

Here is my contribution to this week’s stream of consciousness prompt

This week Linda asks us to write about our favourite word.

This is a stunning prompt.  My chosen word escapes my lips pretty often.   I may be lazy about choosing new words but this one describes things I like very well.   You can say stunning is so many different ways.  You can say it in a joyful way, an excited way, a surprised way and even in a sarcastic way.  You can draw it out – Stun-ning. Although for this type of expression I would choose – Fan-tas-tic.  You can shout it, you can whisper it – you can put on a accent with it.  There is a lot of playing around you can do with the word, stunning.

I use the word to describe experiences.  I had a stunning visit with my grandchildren this weekend.  I use it to describe what I eat – The meal at The Black Oyster Catcher was stunning.  I use it to describe how someone looks – Megan Markle looked stunning on her wedding day.

It’s a word that really puts across the emotion, feeling or description.  It’s to do with how it is said and it just gets the message across so much better than any other word.  You can’t help but understand exactly what this word expresses. It’s just stunning!

So yes – Stunning remains my favourite word.


A Stunning View from my daughter’s porch



Saturday Stream of Consciousness – Grill

The one word prompt for this week’s Stream of Consciousness is Grill.

All over Southern Africa if one wants to grill meat it’s over a braai that one will do it.    Barbecue is what it is called in most other countries.  But just to be clear – Braai is really not the same as barbecue – we do NOT grill hamburgers or hot dogs on a Braai!   Wood is  key – it must be hard and dry so that it burns hot and long.  The whole process of sitting by the fire for an hour or so while having sun-downers is all part of the ritual.   In the Western Cape we have the alien invader, Rooikrans (red-eye wattle) which is excellent to use as braai wood.


A typical braai scene

The word braai is shortened from the Afrikaans word,  braaivleis,  loosely translated to grilled meat.

The word can be used as a noun or a verb.

We are having a (n) braai where braai means a meal that includes meat cooked over the fire.

We will cook on the (n) braai  where the word means a construction in which one makes a fire and meat is placed on a braai grid and cooked over this fire.

Dad will (v) braai the meat where the word means grill.

South Africans are so crazy about braaing that many have both an indoor and outdoor braai at their homes.   The die-hards will braai no matter what the weather

086 Braai in the rain

My grandson, Jay, Braaing in the rain

– we have even been known to braai in the falling snow.


Crazy South Africans braaing in the snow – Verbier, Switzerland – that’s me in the pink hat

It’s also not only meat that we will braai.  Fish is a very popular choice and every fisherman I know has his own unique way of doing a snoek or yellowtail over the coals.   The Earl’s specialty is Yellow-tail basted with what was once his secret sauce.  He recently shared the recipe, much to the horror of his children,  in an article in Ski-Boat Magazine!

001 Simon and Grandpa braaing a fish 2015-01-02 01-15-46 PM 4000x3000

Grandfather teaching Grandson the fine art of braaing a fish

Not only is meat, fish or chicken grilled over the braai, other foods can be cooked in the braai coals too.  Sweet potatoes wrapped in tinfoil are absolutely delicious cooked this way.  Constantia sandwiches are another winner.   Place cheese, onion and tomato sandwiches on the grid and toast on both sides.  Delicious.   A favourite way to cook butternut squash – stuff it with a mixture of chutney and tomato and onion mix, wrap in tinfoil and cook in the hot coals.   I could go on with many more delicious ways to braai your veggies.

The Braai is traditionally the domain of the Man of the House but no braai is complete without the salads – usually made by Mom. Potato salad, rice salad, pasta salad, Greek salad – any salad will do.

From it’s humble beginnings as a method of cooking while out in the bush, The South African Braai has become an elaborate way of entertaining and is an integral part of South African Social Life.   Don’t mess with the Braai Master -His braai is sacred and his woman let’s him think so – It’s one way of not having to cook the whole meal herself!


The Braai – Best way to enjoy a meal with friends!


Saturday Stream of Consciousness 19 May 2018

Here is my contribution to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt Empty/Hollow

Empty is the space next to Meghan Markle as she walks down the aisle toward her Prince. But the hollow feeling in her tummy is filled with joy when Prince Charles meets her and walks her toward her Harry.   Tears pricked as I saw this austere prince look at her and reassure her that all will be well. And Harry undid me as he whispered – Thanks Pa.   What a charming prince he is!

There’s a lot said about the fact that Meghan’s Mom was the only one of her family members present.   My heart went out to her – she looked so proud of her only daughter.  Certainly her heart was full of love and pride and nothing could take that joy away from her.  From here on the knowledge that her child has married the love of her life will be enough for her.

The streets of Windsor were certainly not empty on Saturday 19 May 2018.   They were filled with well-wishers from all over the world.  History was made when the chapel was full of representatives of many diverse cultures.  There were no hollow feelings when the the happy couple joined their cultures in a most uplifting ceremony.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan. Long may you live in married bliss filling the world with all the love and care you have to share.




My ‘High Society’ friends and I remotely attended the wedding  and dressed for the occasion! The Baroness of The Emporium, The Shipwrecked Princess, The Duchess of Goose Hall, The Countess of Southbound.


The Lady of Milkwood Manor!



Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Why

My contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Why

Why am I responding to a prompt so late on a Sunday night?  Well the answer is simple.  Friday 27 April was a public holiday, Freedom Day, which commemorates the first Free and Fair, Democratic Elections in our country.   We are also celebrating Workers’ Day on Tuesday 1 May so the school have been given Monday off too so that a nice long 5-day weekend can be enjoyed.  Our daughter took came up for the weekend and her friends, Cara and Sandy and their parents Doug and Bridgette joined us on Saturday too.

Of course Struisbaai is brimming over with visitors who are making the most of what remains of the remnantsThey are the parents of my  of Summer before Autumn says,  “Enough already, it’s my turn to herald the Winter.”  We’ve made sure our guests get the most of what the Southern Point has to offer too and have done the usual touristy things, walked on the beach and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.


Our Guests at the Southern Tip of Africa


The Gorgeous Girls on the Struisbaai Board Walk

But back to Why I am sitting at my computer this late.  My guests have retired to bed.  The daughters  have gone off to the Irish Pub down the road and although they are well and truly adult, someone needs to wait up for them to return home safely.  No that’s not the whole truth.  I had an after dinner coffee – and that’s never a good thing. If I try to go to sleep now, I will just toss and turn for the next three hours so why not write a blog instead!

Why did I drink coffee after dinner when I know that it’s going to prevent me from sleeping!  Because I love coffee that’s why.  And I really enjoy a cup with a small piece of dark chocolate after an excellent dinner with good conversation and lovely company.   Losing some sleep is a small price to pay for the pleasure that indulgence gives me.  Just hang on a sec.  I’m going to pour myself a second cup!


Essential Foods for Teachers


Ah that’s better. Now where was I – Oh yes – why I drink coffee.  Coffee is an essential food for teachers. Without coffee and chocolate teachers cannot do their jobs properly. It has these magical properties that raise the levels of serotonin which make female teacher calm and happy and able to cope with the stresses of their job.   So I got a taste for it in my past life as a teacher of very young children and now I can’t give it up – nor do I want to.  Please do not google the truth of the previous claim – trust me – it’s true.

I had no intention of writing about coffee today but this was the result of stream of consciousness responding to the prompt of WHY!




Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Spoke

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “spoke.” Use it somewhere, in some form, in your post. “

Here is my contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt

In a stream of consciousness exercise one has to just let the fingers do the typing and write anything that comes into one’s head after being given a word as a prompt.

I think to myself – Spoke – what can I write about spoke.  I spoke to my daughter on the phone yesterday.  We usually keep in touch with text messages.  I like to speak but not on the phone.  I don’t know why this is.  It’s not that I won’t speak over the phone but I prefer to see the person to whom I am speaking.  This is odd because I’m quite happy to text long and involved messages. Most of my friends prefer to chat and they’re the ones who end up saying – enough of this texting I am going to ring you.  And they do and I end up being fine with a long verbal chat.


But texting is still my preferred method of distance communication.  As I write now the reasons for this are flooding my head.   I think it might be that texting is slower, giving one more time to think about the words to choose and being able to delete when you see what one’s saying is not quite right.  Also one can multitask while texting – check on the dinner, talk to one’s husband without saying – not now I’m on the phone!

But back to the daughter with whom I spoke yesterday.  We’d had a lovely text conversation and then the topic of the long weekend came up – and that required verbal interaction. Yes – there are times when speaking one to one is the only way to make arrangements.  Although texting them also gives one a reference especially when one is of a certain forgetful age!

So I spoke to my daughter and I look forward to seeing her in the flesh next weekend and having a proper one to one conversation where I can see her face, and read her feelings and get the full pleasure of proper chatconversation!