Cee’s Share Your World – 25 June 2018

Here is my contribution to this week’s Share Your World

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go? (remember this is SYW, they are friendly aliens)

Well – I am an Adventurous Retiree so of course I would go.   My mother taught me never to accept lifts from strangers but there are exceptions to every rule.
I think I’d be forgiven for going off with Aliens from a distant planet. I assume I’d be tele-ported which would be great fun.  Imagine the blog I could write about my adventures on my return!

I would also arrange for ‘The Earl’ to go.


How tall are you? Are you satisfied with your height?

I am 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) tall.   I have always been perfectly happy with my height. The only time I wish I was a little taller is when my grandchildren dwarf me!


From this


To This

Do you think you could live without your smartphone (or other technology item) for 24 hours?

Yes I could but why would I want to!  I adore my devices and find them extremely useful in my daily life.   Techno travel is for me!  My books travel on my devices.  My field guides travel on my devices so I need them even when I am in the middle of the bush.   However, as I come from the pre-digital age I know how to read a real book and I don’t mind being unavailable for a week or two.   I can amuse myself without games on gadgets and there’s no greater pleasure than having a real conversation while sipping a glass of wine in front of the camp fire.


I smiled a lot this last week as I had all my children and grandchildren around me as we celebrated our oldest grandson’s coming of age.

Yesterday I smiled because I got my Travel Wallet for England and Europe sorted at the bank in Hermanus, Earl had his annual heart check-up, and all is looking good and Lauren got to catch up with her cousin Peta-Ann when she met us all in Stanford for lunch.


Cousin Reunion – Peta-Ann, Shan, Lauren, Simon, Eugene 



Twenty-One Years of Jay – A Celebration

It was a beautiful day in England on 24 June 1997.   It was the day that I watched you, Jay, my first grandchild enter the world.   It was the most beautiful experience of my life and I will never forget the well of emotion that I felt at the moment of your birth.  I fell instantly in love!


A very precious bundle

Jay from the time Mommy brought you and Josh to live with us 20 years ago it has been a joy to watch you grow from that tiny little bundle of energy to the stunning young man you have now become.

We have made very happy memories together.  Of course you were full of noise and mischief but there were many more laughs than tears.  Finding you giggling in glee in the bathroom basin was just one such occasion.

Picture2To say that you were a dynamo would be an understatement.  You kept all the adults in the house on the hop and we were all exhausted at the end of each day. Thankfully so were you by 7 pm when peace finally reigned in our home!

Picture 15

You were the ring leader of all the mischief you and Josh got into but you were always a great big brother.


The school stage was amazing.  Of course the teachers were all enchanted by your charm and personality.  You could never sit still but nobody could stay cross with you for long.


First Day at SVPS

Picture 11

Grade 3 Jay – Narrator in The Nutcracker Suite

Grandpa was your great hero and when you were very little you and Josh hid at the back of his car so you could go fishing with him.  You were not happy chappies when he discovered you and brought you straight back home.  But soon you were big enough to go along and what an excellent fisherman you turned out to be.


Teen-age Jay with an award-winning yellow-fin tuna

We all enjoyed many outings and holidays together – visits to the cousins in Kokstad, visiting the Cango Caves, fishing adventures in Struisbaai and Kruger with Si and Shan were the highlights.

Picture 14

Christmas with the cuzzies

Picture 8

Southern-most boys visiting the Agulhas Lighthouse

Picture 10

You got to pet a cheetah at The Rehabilitation Center – Spier

Picture 18

Braaing in the Rain – Kruger Park

Picture 19

That awesome leopard we saw

Your childhood was full of activity.  You were a keen cub and later a scout.  We rode bikes every day after school and we were luckily enough to live near Fish Hoek Beach.

Picture 6

Bike Riding after School

Picture 16

Fun at the beach

Picture 13

Jay the Cub


Jay the award winning Scout

The years have flown by and suddenly you are a young man! Happy Birthday Darling Boy.  Mom, Grandpa and I are super proud of you.



Family Celebration at Shipwreck on Saturday Night


Lisa and Jay 


Jay and Gran


Grandpa, Jay and Gran




Stream of Consciousness Saturday – 23 June 2014

It’s Saturday again and here is my contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt – Bug


I ate a bug on purpose once.   It was actually a Mopane Worm – is that counted as a bug?   I didn’t want to eat it but The Chef at the place I was visiting insisted and I thought it would be rude to refuse – so I ate a worm!   It wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t so good either.  But I did not choke or gag.   The chef was delighted and his stern face broke into a broad grin when I swallowed it in front of him.
Later in the evening the hostess of the Boma presented The Earl, who had also eaten a one, and me with a certificate to prove that we’d been such adventurous diners!

Mopani Worm

A live Mopane Worm (from the internet)

Mopani cooked

Would you eat a worm salad? (internet photograph)

I’ve heard that we unknowingly ingest small bugs all the time.  But as long as I don’t know about it, I don’t care.

I’m not anti bug in general.  Of course there are some that I don’t like having around – mosquitoes can be a real nuisance and I take precautions so that I don’t get bitten especially when I’m visiting Malaria Areas.  I also take great delight in killing flies with my electronic fly swatter.

But I’m into wild life and will take care to release the useful type of bug if they are silly enough to enter my home.   Dragonflies are pretty creatures and I’m not afraid of them. Spiders I treat with respect – I won’t pick them up with my bare hands but I am not keen on squishing them.    I enjoy watching Dung Beetles in the wild – very industrious creatures they are to be sure!

dung beetle

Many of these tiny creatures are really pretty and interesting.   There are millions of species of bug and they all have a function in the ecosystem – So please don’t bug them and they won’t bug you.






Cee’s Black and White Challenge -Animals

This week’s challenge from Cee calls for photographs of animals in Black and White or Sepia.  Here is my contribution.

2010-10-12 007 Leopard Earl

Leopard in Kruger National Park 

IMG_2170 - Copy

Mom and Pup – Spotted Hyaena  – Kruger National Park


Male Lion – Kruger National Park


Lioness – Kruger National Park


Addo Elephant Park


Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park


Share Your World – 18 June 2018

Here is my response the the questions posed by Cee this week

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape?

Money would be good!   How lovely to think that such a resource would never run out no matter how much you spend.


Teleportation or flying?

I’m not a fan of air travel.  I think we as a species are insane getting into a great big tube of metal that flies through the air with no safety net to catch us if we fall!  However, we are a trusting bunch and in order to travel long distances we believe the stats that say it’s the safest form of travel.
Now teleportation appeals to me because it’s so quick.  How would it work?   Would you go to a teleportation port where there would be hundreds of portals taking you to different destinations?  Would you buy a portal ticket to Timbuktu or The North Pole or wherever you wanted to go?   Would you simply show your passport and pass through your selected portal and hey presto find yourself in some amazing place?   Beam me up, Scottie!

comics 51_en

Would you rather live where it only snows or the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?

Where I live the if the temperature drops below 10 degrees C we think we might die!  So permanent cold is not for me.  However, I love snow – it’s so pretty.  It’s fun to visit snowy places – but to live there permanently – NO WAY.  I don’t want to have to shovel my garden path or drive way before I could move from my house.  And I don’t want to have to put on layers and layers of warm clothing just to survive the sub zero temperatures outdoors.

100 degrees Fahrenheit is definitely more my style.  I am often in the African Bush in summer and it can get hotter than that.  It is way easier managing the heat that it is managing the cold!


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Late Saturday afternoon The Earl spotted a white bunny in our garden.  Clearly he was somebody’s lost pet but he wouldn’t allow himself to be caught!  He disappeared under our shed so we left some carrots out and hoped we could get him the next day. Well in the morning we found he’d been joined by another one! They were really cute and my veggie patch provided them with plenty to snack on!

I posted on our local community page on Facebook and printed out a poster to put up at the supermarket.  And on Sunday evening we got a call.   It wasn’t the first time they’d escaped and their human said, “Clearly they want to be free.   I think I should just let them be.”

On Monday there was no sign of them at first but we spotted them in the back neighbour’s garden which is the house right opposite their human’s.  Today one was back in our garden.  So we’re just going to look after them when they’re here.  Hopefully they’re savvy enough to keep out of reach of the neighbourhood dogs!



Stream of Consciousness – Reservation

This week’s Stream of consciousness prompt is Reservation

In the past few weeks I have made a few reservations.  I have made several reservations for an overseas trip to England and Europe in August.  I have reserved several camp sites for the trip we’re taking to Namibia in November.  I have reserved an apartment for my college reunion in Grahamstown in December.

It is usually advisable to make table reservations at a good restaurant if you don’t want to face being turned away when you arrive. The Black Marlin near Simonstown may be an exception. It is an upmarket restaurant but due to its remote location it is not busy, at night, during the winter. You would think that such places would slack off during the off-season – but not The Black Marlin.   Four of us were the only patrons there on Monday night.  I made the reservation for Carrol’s 75th birthday. She and her hubby live nearby so it made sense to give the place a try.  It was a good decision and although we were the only patrons we received excellent service and a fantastic meal.


Another meaning of the word reservation is a stretch of land reserved for the conservation of wild life.  Now this is my favourite meaning of the word.  Living in Africa, I frequently make reservations to visit such places.  The wild creatures roam free, hunt their own food and have little human intervention.


If you have any reservations about visiting an African country – remember that no place on earth is absolutely safe.  Take the correct precautions, take a chance and make a reservation to visit the most exciting place on earth.