Stream of consciousness Saturday – Green

The prompt for this week’s #SoCS is GREEN.

Well it is St Patrick’s Day today and I’m guessing that’s why we have the green prompt.   I have a few teaspoons of Irish blood coursing through my veins but I have never considered myself Irish!   As a child, I refused to wear green.  I’m not sure why because I actually like the colour.  It was just that whenever I put something green on I didn’t feel right in it.   I do enjoy wearing green now though – Perhaps my complexion has changed and it suits me better than in my younger days.

What comes to mind when I think of green is conservation and nature, Spring and fertility and also of course money and wealth!   It is a relaxing colour – easy on the eye which why I suppose there are so many different shades of green in nature.

At the moment where I live we are missing the green as it is so dry!  Water restrictions mean gardens are not being watered regularly and plants and lawns are dying.  The veld is dry and we are praying for a very wet winter to fill the dams and bring back the green!

In KwaZulu- Natal everything is green. The mountains, the grass, the veld the gardens are all lush and green.  At first when visiting there I drink in all the green beauty but after a while I find it quite nauseating and long for the pinks and mauves and muted shades of  The Cape.

But back to the Irish – they’re certainly celebrating Green today. According to legend St Patrick was once served a small whiskey at an inn.  He told the inn-keeper that a demon lived in his wine cellar and fed off  his selfishness.  The inn keeper changed his ways and started pouring more generous drinks.  So began the custom of “drowning the shamrock.” The clover is placed at the bottom of the glass before the whiskey is poured over it.  At the end of the drink the sodden clover is then thrown over the shoulder for good luck!

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all Irish patriots. st pats


Black and White Challenge – Bikes of any Kind

Last night I saw that this week’s black and white challenge was Bikes of Any Kind.  Oh good, I thought, I have a few in the archives I can use.   We’re away for a couple of days and I was planning to post as soon as I got a chance.  Then this morning we went off on a scenic drive and stopped for breakfast at Diesel and Creme in Barrydale – And low and behold – it was full of bikers!   They were taking a breakfast break from the Buffalo Rally.  What a lot of material they provided for me – and they were quite willing to pose for photos too!  So I’ve abandoned my original plan to post a a variety of different bikes and stuck to the motor cycles of The Buffalo Rally

They gave me so much material but I’ve cut it down to a mere ten photographs!  Apologies!


Diesel and Creme is a popular stop on Route 62


Bikers are always welcome


Diesel and Creme have a collection of ancient things – bikes included


A line-up of incredible bikes


And some more with helmet waiting


Biking boots



A group of bikers kindly posed for me


And allowed me to photograph their helmets


Then they hit the road!



I’d rather be …..

This is the brief for this week’s Photo a week challenge

“You’ve likely seen a bumper sticker or a sign that reads “I’d rather be…” How would you fill in the blank? Golfing? Running? Fishing? Something else entirely? What activity do you enjoy most?”

I enjoy many things but I think I would fill in the missing words with ‘bird watching‘  It is such a rewarding hobby and something you can do virtually anywhere – in the garden, at the beach, on a walk, even in the city!


You can do it in with a group


You can do it on your own


A frequent visitor to my garden – African Hoopoe

IMG_0738.JPG Caspian Tern

Caspian Tern – seen on coastal and inland waters


Chestnut banded plover – salt pans


African Black Oyster Catcher – seen at Struisbaai Beach


African Harrier Hawk – Seen in Town!


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Sunset to Sunrise

This is the brief for this week’s Fun Photo Challenge

“This week the topic is Sunset to Sunrise (including any nighttime photography) This is a challenge is basically self-explanatory.  Night photographer have fun with this challenge.  For those of who are not night photographers, I want to see those colorful sunrise and sunset moments.”

001 Giraffe in the sunrise Namutoni Etosha

Sunset in The Kruger National Park

218 IMG_1952 Sunrise

Sunrise in The Kgalagadi

2010-10-02 007 Sunset in Kruger Earl

Sunset in Kgalagadi

Kalkbay Fishing Boat 2 Sunrise

Sunrise in Kalk Bay – Western Cape

Kalkbay Fishing Boat Sunrise

Night scene in Bangkok

Bangkok Street Scene at night


Share Your World 13 March 2018

Here are my answers to this week’s questions from Cee’s Share Your World

If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do?

I’ll take the money in American Dollars please.  If the uncle is distant he would definitely be in the USA as some of the Greek side of the family emigrated there from Ithaca.  And the only way I could have been his favourite would be because he kept up with me via this blog!

Anyway – we’re in Share Your World Land so we can have some fun.  So I would use this lovely inheritance to take a Mediterranean Cruise – The Greek Islands, Spain, Italy, France etc.  I’d have a balcony suite which for my hubby and me would cost about $30 000 dollars for three weeks.   The rest I would use for the air fares and still have some spending money left over!   Yes – that would be the perfect way to blow $ 50 000.

What sound or sounds do you love?

The dawn chorus of birds on waking up.   Nothing more cheerful than that.  Children laughing, the school choir singing and the waves breaking on the shore are also rather lovely to hear.

What’s your middle name?  Why?

I think middle names are unnecessary and can be embarrassing if they’re somewhat unusual – or rather they were when I was a kid. Today strange names are the norm and in my experience as a teacher I seldom found kids being teased for having an odd name – first or middle.  I was given two middle names so that neither grandmother felt left out for not having me named after her. In the Greek tradition the first born daughter is supposed to be named after the Paternal Grandmother.  My mother who was not Greek refused to comply so instead of being named Maria – I was given an Anglicized version of the name – Mary – as my second name and Edwina after my Maternal grandmother as a third name.    I found these names cumbersome as a child but now I rather like them.

I did not want to give my child a second name but ended up doing so to placate her father who wanted it as a first.    She doesn’t like her second name but is perfectly happy with her first – so at least that was a good decision.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Last week was busy and rather fun so I had a lot to smile about.   But the biggest thing that made me smile was the completion of my bedroom extension. Being able to move in after more than two weeks in alternate digs was lovely.


The extension – would it ever be done?!


Yes – At Last!


The original section with new floors



Black and White Challenge – Large Subjects

This week Cee asks us to submit large subjects

“This week the topic is Large Subjects.  Large can be a matter of perspective.  Although I would assume large means bigger than a human being.  You can also show perspective of something real small and then something bigger than the small object.”

Here is my contribution,


The Ground Hornbill is a big bird – but not when compared to an elephant

392 Opera House

Sydney Opera House

403 Looking down from the pylon



Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Leaves or Trees

Here is my contribution to this week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee


The leaves of the Mopane Tree are butterfly shaped.  The wood of the mopane tree is hard and is used to build houses and also railway sleepers. It is termite resistant

2010-10-08 003 Baobab Tree Helen

Baobab Tree in Winter

Boabab Tree

Baobab Tree in Summer


044 Boys in tree

Grandsons climbing trees