Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge 19 December 2017

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge from Cee calls for photos that begin with R and have at least six letters.  Here is my contribution.

2009-12-30 42 Rhino Earl


057 Rabbit


204 Straun Railway Engine.jpg

Railway Engine – Strahan – Tasmania

205 Straun Old Railway Station

Railway Station – Strahan – Tasmania

285 Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorrikeet


Back in the Classroom – Pet Day at School

There was great excitement in Grade 1 on Friday.   The children were allowed to bring their pets to school – as long as they were in a cage or basket with a lid!  If they did not have caged pets they could bring a photograph.

My class have been looking forward to this promised day all term.   I have to confess that I was a little anxious about it.  My tiny classroom struggles to contain 32 active, chatty little girls – so I could not imagine sharing our space with a menagerie of creatures too – what if they escaped?  would I be able to contain the girls excitement? What if in their enthusiasm they hurt someone’ beloved pet?

Well I need not have worried because it turned out to be one of the nicest days we’ve had this year.   The girls were considerate and did not make sudden loud noises and were careful not to frighten the pets. They were gentle when they handled them and the delight on their faces was worth all the fuss.

We did have tears.   One young lass forgot to bring her pet and begged to be allowed to bring it on Monday – but unfortunately that is just not possible as we have an impossible week planned for next week.  She had to make do with telling us about her hamster in his absence.

A special moment was when the quietest, shyest little girl in my class was called up to pet the bunny.  She broke into an enormous smile and was clearly awed by the experience.  Some children don’t get to keep pets so having pet day at school gave them the opportunity to cuddle a fluffy creature, feel its tickly claws on their skin and share in their unconditional love.

Children who have pets learn caring skills and to know what it is like to have another creature depend on you. They also experience that unconditional love a pet has for you and learn to love in return.

Each little girl got to tell us about her pet – what it was – how she took care of it and how much pleasure they got from sharing their lives with an animal.  Our visitors included a whistling cockatiel, a soft, cuddly bunny, several hamsters and twin rats belonging to twin sisters.

After discussing each pet and looking at photographs of the ones left at home, the children took their animals to their tables and drew and wrote all about them.

Cuddling a bunny

Cuddling a bunny

002 Twin rats for twin sisters

Twin Rats for Twin sisters

003 My cat sleeps in this basket

My kitty sleeps in this basket

005 Sharing with the other children

Introducing a pet to a friend

006 Mia sharing pictures of her pets

Telling all about the much loved cats

007 Cedar

My kitty in the Christmas Tree

009 Caitlyn

My dog spreads out his ears and tries to fly

013 Kulthoom

That wolf whistling must stop!

014 Getting ready to write about Ramster

Don’t let him escape

015 Where is hamster hiding

Now where did he go?

017 Joanna's Hamster

Phew – found him!

What a fun day it was.  I loved reading what the girls wrote about their pets.  They clearly are a class of animal lovers and having to be responsible for the care of their pets is teaching them good life skills for the future.

018 Child's work

My Naughty Dog



A Name is very important


My cats have some interesting habits


My dog the trampoline champion


Caring for a pet requires hard work and love

019 Jenna's work

Enough already!