The All Coastal Bottom Fish Interprovincial Competition

The All Coastal Bottom Fish Interprovincial Competition was hosted by Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club at Struisbaai from Tuesday 21 March to Saturday 25 March 2017.   Thanks to Leander Wiit (Chairman of Western Provence Deep Sea Angling Association), DP Burger (Convener)  and Louis  Becker (Tournaments Officer) for their organisation of the event.

The three days fished were Wednesday, Thursday  and Friday.  Conditions were superb although the sea was quite rough on Thursday.

There were nine teams, namely

  • Western Province White – DP Burger (Captain) Iaan Viljoen and Gus Rautmann
  • Western Province Blue – Morne Marais (Captain) Ron Pennninkhof and Philip van der Walt
  • Western Province Juniors – Christof Dahl (Captain) Divan Burger and Karla Rautmann
  • Natal DSSA – Abed Khan (Captain) Heino Meyer and Timothy Munnick
  • Southern Cape White – Terry Terblanche (Captain) Koos Scholtz and Johan Crouse
  • Southern Cape Blue – Rod Kieser (Captain) Chris Schorn and Thys Uys
  • Eastern Province Black – Wayne Gerber (Captain) Christopher Gerber and Sheena Gerber
  • Eastern Province Red – Kevin Clark (Captain) Peter Dawson and Alie Matthysen
  • Border Deep Sea – Rory Leonard (Captain) Allan Ford and Everitt van Loggerenberg

Thanks to the skippers who put in their boats for this competition

  • Kitty Cat – Pietro Cutino
  • Haven – Colin Joubert
  • Sea Dodger – Roger Marais
  • Cavalier – Mark Truter
  • Men @ Work – Piet Wessels
  • GT – Patrick Christodoulou
  • Relentless – Daniel Hughes
  • S-Catman – Louis Bekker
  • King Fisher – Erik Dahl
All Coastal Boats

The boats used in the competition.  Thanks to the awesome skippers.


All the catering was done by Marinda de Kock and her team. All can attest to the superbness of the breakfasts, lunch boxes and dinners.


A Delicious Spread at the Opening Function

The radio communications were ably controlled by Andrew Perris and assisted by Earl Fenwick who also took most of the photographs.

Thanks too, to the following people, Grant van der Westhuizen, Elize Beukes and Dick le Roux   for doing an awesome job as weigh masters at the scales, Mark Westhook for organising the bait and Louis Becker and Patrick Christodoulou for doing the scoring.

At the opening function it was great to see the teams dressed in their colours, newbies were capped and there was an auction to predict and ‘buy’ the winning teams.  He/she who predicted the first, second and third winners would win a handsome cash prize.


Leander Wiit and Patrick Christodoulou with the newly capped WP Juniors – Divan Burger, Karla Rautmann and Christof Dahl

Launching time was 7:00 am which meant a chilly and early rising if you wanted to enjoy a good breakfast before setting off to nab your catch.  The aim was to get as many bottom species as possible.  They had to be measured, photographed and released. However, if it was a pending record fish it had to be brought to the scales to be weighed.   Yellowtail could be caught, kept and brought to the scales for points.


Busy at the scales


An awesome catch of yellowtail by Southern Cape White -Terry, Johan and Koos

The Gerber family – Eastern Province Black –  did exceptionally well and were a tough team to beat!



Sheena Gerber achieved a SADSA Lady’s 6kg line class record with her beautiful yellowtail


The only juniors fishing and didn’t they have an awesome time – not to mention a three day break from boring old school!

A special word of thanks is due to the skippers of GT, Cavalier and Haven for hosting the Juniors.  Thank you guys for your patience with and your guidance and support of these delightful youngsters.   Long may they continue with their passion for the sport.


Christof Dahl holding his Red Stompneus which is a pending 6kg line class junior record.

It was a close competition and on Saturday all held a collective breath waiting to hear the final results at the prize-giving function.   Roger and Sonja Marais were particularly delighted to hear that Western Province Blue, the team they ‘bought’ were the winners!

Winning Team Western Province Blue 2017-03-25 08-06-06 PM 800x600

Sonja and Roger with the winning team!


Eastern Province Black - Second 2017-03-25 08-00-54 PM 800x600

What an exceptional Eastern Province family in second place

Border - Third 2017-03-25 07-57-43 PM 800x628.JPG

And Border came an awesome third

Pietro Cutiono Third Skipper Kitty Kat2017-03-25 07-41-38 PM 800x600 2017-03-25 07-41-38 PM 800x600 2017-03-25 07-41-38 PM 800x600

Pietro Cutino (Kitty Cat) was the skipper in third place

Second Skipper Piet Wessels Men @ Work 2017-03-25 07-42-13 PM 800x600

Colin Joubert (Haven) was placed second

Top Skipper Louis Bekker S-Catman 2017-03-25 07-42-40 PM 800x600

And the top skipper was Louis  Bekker (S-Catman)

And so ended another awesome Suidpunt Deep Sea angling event!







Fishing and Fun in Struisbaai

Our daughter, Laurie, brought a group of friends to stay this past weekend.  What a great time we had with Cara and Shaun, Dylan and a young girl visiting from Turkey named Cansu – pronounced Yunsue.

They all drove up together after work on Friday evening and we met them at The Michael Collins for dinner.   The fun began from there and it was midnight before we got to bed.

In spite of this Dylan, Shaun and Earl were up bright and early and went out on Kiora to try their luck on the five and twelve mile banks.  And it all went well – more of that later.

We girls chilled a little longer in bed but when we arose Cansu cooked us a Turkish breakfast.  She heated olive oil in the pan, threw in chopped green peppers, tomato and garlic and fried them till soft then mixed in some eggs and then topped it with grated cheese and cooked it slowly.   We sat out at the picnic table and enjoyed this delicious feast.


Breakfast was a Turkish Delight – Cansu and Cara

Our mission for the day was to show Cansu what the area had to offer so off we set to climb to the top of the Agulhas lighthouse.


Cara and Laurie stayed down below but I went up too. The last ladder that takes you to the top is the scariest of all.  You may only go up one at a time.  When I reached the top I found a mom and a very scared little girl refusing to go down.   I stopped to encourage her telling her the story of two other little ones I’d recently had in the tower who were just as terrified but very brave.  Just hold on tight and don’t let go and you will be fine, I said.  I think just hearing a voice other than her mom’s did the trick as the tears dried up and she went straight down.


Dad and Little Sister were waiting to welcome her – what a brave girl!



Cara and Laurie walking Caper the Daschund


Magnificent View from up there




Down the scary ladder she goes


But she was not afraid

It is compulsory for every visitor who comes this far south to stand at the very tip of Africa.   As it was the weekend there were a number of visitors but the wait was not too long.


In 982 a Japanese fishing boat, The Meisho Maru 38 wrecked at Cape Agulhas and can still be seen on the rocks today.  We took Cansu to see it.


The rocks are rugged – you wouldn’t want to run aground here


Cansu poses with the ill fated Meishu Maru


The threatened Black Oystercatcher 


Casper loves the beach


Some fynbos

By this time we were all hanging out for a cup of coffee so the delightful gift shop, Potpourri, was our next port of call.  We sat outside as we had Casper and shared a scone – a first for Cansu.



The boys, in the meantime, were having a great time at sea.  Soon after we got home, Earl called to say they were on their way in and they had fish for supper.

There was a lot of activity at the harbour and some fishermen were cleaning their catch and throwing the guts into the sea.  This attracted about ten stingrays into the shallows.


A stingray swims in the clear water

These creatures have become very tame, will eat from a friendly hand and allow people to stroke them.  Cansu was fascinated. She kicked off her shoes and waded in.  One of the locals had bits of fish and was feeding them. He told her the stingray was pregnant.


Getting close and personal with a ray


“It feels like a jellyfish with fur,” she said

I yelled to Canu to watch the tail but I was on the jetty and she didn’t hear me.


Ouch – the tail brushed against her leg

Cansu got a fright and there was a small graze on her leg which bled but there was no harm done – the spikes did not penetrate her skin and there was no swelling or pain afterwards.  We just treated her with Allergex ointment and she was fine.


The Fishermen returning after a successful day at sea


Shaun has a Santa and a Red Stompneus  Dylan has two Red Roman

Laurie made us a lovely spinach salad, Cara made garlic bread and new baby potatoes and Earl fried the fish – we had an amazing feast.

More of this lovely weekend to follow.







Struisbaai Marlin Competition 2017

Last week The Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling club once again hosted the Marlin Competition. This annual event is a great drawcard for deep sea anglers and a wonderful highlight on the Struisbaai calendar.  This year 27 teams from all over the country took part and the competition ran for six days of which only two were not fished due to poor conditions.

The club catered all meals for the teams and there was a wonderful vibe at the evening dinners.  Earl and I hosted Andrew, who was the communications officer and we were appointed the official photographers for the week!


What a Spread


Hardworking Girls behind the scenes

The rules of the competition were fairly complicated but this is how I understood them.  A marlin had to be landed, photographed, a DNA sample taken then released.  A video of the fish swimming away also had to be taken.   The angler/boat who caught the last fish would be declared the winner – this was so that their enthusiasm would last to the bitter end!

Three fish were landed.  Osprey caught the first, Woes Lekke the second and Salti the third.


Crew from Woes Lekke with DNA Sample – second Marlin landed

On one of the evenings Andrew was the Auctioneer and some generous bids were made for the wines donated by some local estates.


Wines on Auction


Sold to that man over there


Should we or shouldn’t we – they did


A special wine bottled in honour of Shanga


Shanga is Andrew’s dog who goes everywhere with him


And what am I bid for last year’s banner?  Quite a lot it turned out and this year’s one went too.

The auction raised R39 000 for the club.  Thanks to all the bidders this will be put to good use a Suidpunt Deep Angling Club.

On Friday there was a pirate party at The Club which was great fun.  Earl and I were the judges and we found it difficult to choose so in the end gave one individual prize and one group prize.  There was no female prize and I was the only girl to dress up and the judge can’t win!


Tattooed and scary?


Captain Morgan ready to pillage


Beware of this lot on a dark night


The organisation of this event was mammoth.   The caterers did an amazing job and kept us all well fed.


Hungry anglers enjoying the catering

Struisbaai, I think, thoroughly enjoyed having the anglers visit for a week and each afternoon the harour was a fun place to be as the boats returned from sea.



The winning boat escorted in by the birds



Feast from the fishermen


No fighting please – there’s enough for everyone


The Stingray will not be left out



Second boat to land a Marlin


Team Salti were the winners








Share your world 6 February 2017

Here are my answers to Cee’s Share Your World 6 February 2017

Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?

Funny you should ask because if I’d read this question this morning my answer might have been quite different.

Of course I like my fridge to be neat and organized but for the past few days it has been in a bit of a state so today I sorted out the chaos!   I threw out left over food from last Monday’s anniversary party, poured mayonnaise from an almost empty jar into an almost full one, checked to see that the milk wasn’t past its use by date and put veggies into containers instead of leaving them in their punnets and plastic wrappings.   I didn’t know this was going to be a question today so don’t have a before photograph – but here is what my refrigerator looks like after its clean out this morning!


Well the above is how my fridge looked when I started this post but then my adopted grandson, Sam and his friend, Daniel who are staying with us for a few days, came back from a night time fishing trip with four geelbek and a skipjack so they now have pride of place till tomorrow morning when they can be cleaned.   Guess what we will be having for dinner tomorrow!


Sam (left) and Daniel had a great evening out on Sam’s boat Red Head


Lovely fresh fish   

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

Depending on what the meal is – I like each vegetable to have  its own place on the plate but I eat them together with the meat or fish – a bit of fish and a bit of veggie on one fork is the proper way to eat isn’t it?  I do not eat one food group at a time – first the peas, then the carrots and leave the best till last – that’s crazy.  I like mixing the flavours.

Sushi of course is fish, vegetable and rice rolled together in a sheet of seaweed and I love that.

Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?

If it is printed I read it.   But if the first few pages don’t grab me I have no qualms about setting it aside.   I like well written fiction. My favourite authors are Anne Tyler, Chaim Potok, Bryce Courtenay, Barbara Trapido, Mavis Cheek,Maeve Binchy, Anita Shreve.  I also love books by South African authors about South African life.   Michael Heyns, Rayda Jacobs, Pamela Jooste and Maire Fischer have written some amazing fiction.  I am reading a book by Deon Meyer’s Icarus at the moment.

I have/had a huge collection of coffee table/reference books.  I had to give most of them away when we sold our big house in Cape Town – it broke my heart but there’s no room for them in Struisbaai. I still have too many.

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?

I’m thirsty – time to have a lovely cold glass of water.   If I don’t drink enough water my blood pressure drops and then I wonder why I’m so exhausted.






A Whale of a Time in Struisbaai

There are two things my darling husband knows I don’t do.  I don’t fly in light aircrafts and I don’t go out to sea in small boats!  Yet this year found me flying not once but twice in a light aircraft and today, wait for it, I went out to sea in Kiora – his small fishing boat!’

And why was I persuaded to do this mad thing?  Well as I’ve mentioned in this Blog before, I’ve decided to retire adventurously and to do things I wouldn’t in my saner days do.  A little bit of madness in one’s old age goes a long way to make one move out of one’s comfort zone.  Megan was keen to go so I decided – oh well why not!

So up we were before 7 this morning and out to sea we went!   I was not a happy camper for the first half an hour it’s the speed and bumping over the waves that scares me silly, but then I got into the flow and decided I’d better just enjoy it.

To be honest it is beautiful out at that time of the morning which is actually late for most fishermen.

Heading out to sea

In the middle of the ocean

This trawler is from Cape Town

This trawler is from Cape Town and on her way to Gaansbaai

Earl spotted some whales

Earl spotted some whales



My super zoom camera did not let me down

My super zoom camera did not let me down

I even caught a fish - red stump

I even caught a fish – red stump

We changed Kiora's name to Love Boat

We changed Kiora’s name to Love Boat


Megan’s Blue Hottentot


Earl was thrilled to get a beautiful cob

The pyjama shark had to be released

The pyjama shark had to be released

The red roman was released too

The red roman was released too

Phoning and Fishing - After all we girls can multi-task

Phoning and Fishing – After all we girls can multi-task

We moved from reefs to wrecks looking for the best fishing grounds but there was not really much happening today. The scarcity of birds told us that we could try but our luck would be limited so at 11:00 we headed back to shore.

Nice to take photos from the other side

Nice to take photos from the other side

Our beautiful harbour

Our beautiful harbour

Happy Fishers

Happy Fishers

Everybody was pretty tired after all the fresh sea air so after cleaning fish we all had an afternoon nap.   Tonight we are going to Tommy and Megan’s friend’s farm for a braai.


Struisbaai Gathering of Three Generations – Swimming, Shopping and Fishing

A perfect fishing day dawned again.  Earl, Allan and Lauren got up at a very rude hour and quietly slunk off to sea, the latter two having dosed on sea-sick medication the night before!

My rising time, though not as bad mannered as theirs, might have seemed a little extreme to some.  The young ones groaned when I cheerfully encouraged them to join me on the beach for a walk and swim.  “Meet me there,” I called and left them to dawdle over bowls of Otees and debate as to whether or not it was worth the effort.

Once again it was a blissful morning made better that the masses had not yet arrived.   I left my camera behind and regretted it when I spotted a rock kestrel on top of a “Christmas Tree” and then an oystercatcher on the shore line.  By the time I was on my return lap down the beach, Simon and Josh appeared to look after my towel and glasses while I went in for a dip. Heavenly – the sea was calm and clear with hardly a ripple.  A mom and daughter started chatting to me and asked if I were local.  It was their first visit and they were delighted that they’d decided to camp here this year.

Struisbaai is indeed an idyllic place for a holiday. It’s off the beaten track and still a fairly well-kept secret although it’s grown tremendously since my introduction to it in 1982.

It was about quarter past nine when the boys and I returned home with croissants from OK Grocer’s bakery for breakfast(This has got to stop before I gain a ton!)  An hour later the fisherfolk pulled in. Lauren had the biggest and best fish!

Lauren's Fish

Lauren’s Fish

The females of the family decided to bond before lunch and how better to do that than to go shopping!  Yes in Struisbaai!   A new clothing store, Beach Bliss, opened just a week ago and is superbly stocked for men, women and children.

Beach Bliss

Beach Bliss

Wanien is the owner and there is something for everybody

Wanien is the owner and there is something for everybody

What do you think, Gran?

What do you think, Gran?

This one .....

This one …..


Or this?

We got quite a few items for Shannon – Christmas presents –  so she’ll have to wait to wear them!   Lisa and Lauren also got one or two things and I bought a beach bag.

We were almost done when Earl phoned to find out where we were. Not to be outdone we got him some new stuff too – from another lovely shop in the mall.


Earl in his new shorts and shirt

All that shopping is thirsty work so we stopped at Cafe dul Sud for coffee/milkshakes.


Two Strawberry milkshakes, one chocolate a Cappuccino and black for me please!

The girls headed home while Earl and I went to chat to our friends Lynn and Glyn who have a gift shop, Due South, in the mall. We also popped into the nursery coffee shop to get a Christmas loaf for tea.

Friendly Girl in the coffee shop

Friendly Girl in the nursery/coffee shop



Coffee shop

Coffee shop

South Bound

South Bound – a wonderful place to browse

We’ve been looking for a suitable bird feeder and found one a quaint little craft shop which sells all kinds of locally made stuff.

We love it's name and the notice outside

We love it’s name and the notice outside – Not made in China – Buy from your own people.

What a surprise to arrive home to the smell of fresh fish frying in the pan.  Lauren has taken on the mantle from her dad!  It was delicious – the young ones had the nerve to say – Even better than yours, Grandpa! Well equally as good anyway!

What a super star

What a super star – She caught it – She cooked it

The beach was our next port of call – after 3:30 to avoid the harmful UV rays.   And wow – the water was divine – I usually don’t stay in for more than 10 minutes but I just didn’t want to get out this afternoon and the kids were even worse.

The sea was extra blue today

The sea was extra blue today

Kites were flying

Kites were flying


It’s amazing, Gran!

Shannon got busy with my bird stickers when we got back and they are a-ma-zing.  Thanks you Leah for a wonderful gift.

Difficult to photograph but this one came out quite well!

Difficult to photograph but this one came out quite well!

So ended another lousy day in Africa!   Tomorrow Earl and I are making an early start to go bird watching with a local expert.  Watch this space!



Struisbaai Gathering of Three Generations Day 6

Abrie suggested a cure for my hand – sleep with an “Asyn Lap” and when you wake up all the bruising and swelling will have disappeared. Well I thought it was worth a try so Earl bound me up in a crepe bandage and poured brown vinegar over it and finally my hand was taped into a plastic bag.   But in the middle of the night I woke up with an excruciating itch under the bandage which I ripped off to scratch.  My hand looked pickled and I washed off the vinegar and went straight back to sleep! Admittedly the swelling has reduced and there is no bruising but it is not completely better yet!

Here are some pictures that Joshua took last night.



Simon learning the art of tablet photography from an expert

Simon learning the art of phone photography from an expert


The Gang

The Gang

Fooling around

Fooling around



Shan and Annie

Shan and Annie




This morning early Grandpa and I gathered the grandkids and headed to the beach.  There was much moaning about the ridiculously early hour but they forced themselves and were glad of it later!   As far as I am concerned the best time to be on the beach is early in the morning before it gets too hot or too windy.

Looking out to perfection on from the boardwalk

Looking out to perfection on from the boardwalk

Miles of soft sand

Miles of soft sand

A jellyfish being devoured by sea snails

A jellyfish being devoured by sea snails

Into the cool, blue sea

Into the cool, blue sea

Chilly at first

Chilly at first

The kids stayed in for ages

The kids stayed in for ages



Walking back

Walking back

Fishing boat returning

Fishing boat returning

We returned at quarter to ten for a lovely breakfast and then chilled till later when the kids returned to the beach.  Jay and Shan are a bit too sunburned for my liking!  Earl did some chores around the house, I chilled doing very little for most of the days and Allan cooked an awesome curry for dinner.  Laurie and Annie left for Cape Town just after 6 but they will join us at home next Monday – the house will be bursting at the seams till the New Year!  What a pleasure to have everyone together – family bonding at its best.