Highlights of Plettenberg Bay

Yes we visited the kids in Plettenberg Bay just two weeks ago but you can’t do a trip to Knysna without popping in for a short visit to the kids who are just an hour away!

The Earl only booked till Tuesday morning at Monks, forgetting that there was still the competition prize-giving we could have gone to. We tried to get the extra night but due to school holidays and another upcoming fishing event the campsite was fully booked.  So we packed up early and made our way to Plett.  It was not the most pleasant pack up as it decided to rain.  Luckily we got done before it really poured!   It continued on and off all of Tuesday but the rest of the time we had great weather.

On Wednesday morning we were enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio when we spotted a para-glider flying over the farm.   I wanted to take a photo but by the time I stirred myself to fetch the camera, The Earl, – said – Hey – he’s coming down!


Not my photo – but he looked like this – Thank you Google

The para-glider disappeared behind the pine trees about 4 km away but still on the farm.  “We’ve got to go and rescue him!” yelled the Earl.  Ooooh – how exciting – an adventure.  He, Lauren and I rushed to the Everest and made our way gingerly along the rough farm roads. “I know exactly where he landed,” The Earl assured us ” But keep your eyes open – he must have seen the road from the air and will make his way toward it.”

Because of the terrain it was slow going with the Everest in 4X4 mode for most of the way.   Finally we turned onto the field where we thought he’d landed. and sure enough a surprised young man with a large back pack appeared from behind the trees.


And yes he was pleased to see us. He was trying to fly to Uniondale but the thermals let him down and he had to land.   There were two others with him but they landed many miles further away.   We took him to the launch site where his car was parked. His friends had already been to collect theirs.  Andries was most grateful that we had come to fetch him – it would have taken him a very long time to walk to the farm and then to the launch site.


The Launch Site


This is what you launch yourself into



He was very interesting to talk to and offered us all a free tandem flight whenever we wanted to have such an adventure.  Not me thanks, Andries – but perhaps my four grandkids will do it during the Christmas Holidays!

On Thursday Lauren’s old high school friend, Saskia came to visit.   She and her family were camping at Keurboom’s.   She brought her 10-year-old with her while her hubby and older son were playing golf.   Simon and Josh hit it off straight away and went off to fish in one of the dams while Lauren, Saskia and I went for a walk on the farm.


If you look carefully you will see the fishing boys – Grandpa was not far away – Boys of all ages love to fish!


The Road less travelled – downhill to the dam – uphill back to the farm!


Saskia and Lauren


It was an awesome visit but home was calling and on Friday morning we headed back to our Struisbaai.  We are now preparing for The Great Trek to Namibia at the end of this month!