Blogging from time to time has become part of my life.  I do it mainly for myself.  Writing it down helps me to reflect on my life and puts things in perspective for me.

On PuppyChat you will find many travel blogs.   How could I not write about the wonderful safaris I am privileged to take with people who appreciate the wild as much as I do.  On these blogs I post lots of photographs taken both by my husband and me.

My hubby and I have now retired and moved to Struisbaai near the southern tip of Africa. I now have a Struisbaai category on my menu where Blogs about this beautiful sea-side village will appear.

I hope you do read my pieces and if you enjoy them please leave a comment.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi PuppyChat. How much do you guys charge for fishing charters? I would like to go down to Struisbaai end of the month and need a charter for some inshore fishing. Please mail me on mmirzaan@yahoo.com


  2. Your life is so interesting and I’m glad you are sharing it this way. Thank you for saying hello. I’m glad to meet you!

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  3. I’m glad I’ve found your blog. You sound an interesting person. I am retired, and love travelling too. I’m from the UK but in the summer we live on our boat. Have you ever been to Greece?


  4. I am excited to see your photos. I was just writing to another blogger how my dream is to travel the world. I love seeing new cultures and ways of life. The architecture and landscapes are so unknown to me!!!!!

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