Wild Adventure – Namibia and Kgalagadi – Day 6 Windhoek

1 November 2018

This morning Earl and I packed up and went to have breakfast at “The Redeeming Feature” of Hardap Dam Resort.   The Mools decided to do coffee and cereal at camp which gave them more time to pack up their tent.

Breakfast included yogurt and fruit, cold meat and cheese, eggs, bacon and sausage and coffee and was not bad at all!



By 8:15 we were on the road to Windhoek.   We enjoyed a bit of birding on our way out and were lucky enough to spot several go away birds, three Namaqua sandgrouse, a black sparrowhawk flying over head and a mountain wheatear.


Seen all over the area – a quiver tree


Go Away Birds

We arrived at our B&B, Anjo Guesthouse, at 11 o’clock and were allowed to check in straight away.  Anthea had assured us that there would be space to park our caravan and The Earl expertly reversed it into its reserved spot.  Thank Anthea and John for allowing us to park it for the night.

We then went off to shop for supplies, get a Namibian sim card and data bundle and have a good German coffee and Apple Strudel!


You can’t come to Windhoek and not have Apple Strudel

Anjo’s has a lovely bird friendly garden and we enjoyed watching dozens of red-billed quelea, common waxbill, blue waxbill, red-billed firefinch, wattled starling, bronze mannikin and black-throated canary.

We also had a cooling swim in the pool

In the evening we went to Joe’s Beerhouse for dinner.  This establishment is awesome and totally novel.  It’s a huge Boma divided into several sections and it serves a variety of beers and other beverages as well as wonderful food.  Joe collects – well everything that’s interesting – and displays it all over his Boma.   Each piece has a story and you can read about some of them in the menu!


We did not book but were seated at a large table shared with other people.  You can get smaller tables for your group if you reserve ahead of time.  It turned out to be the best evening as we got chatting to the Dutch couple on our left and the Swiss couple on our right. The fun thing about travelling is meeting interesting people from other countries.   Both couples were en route to do safaris in hired 4×4 vehicles with roof top tents.  What fun!


Our delightful Swiss Friends


Reuben was celebrating his birthday!

The food was excellent – Tony and Pat had eisbein, Earl lamb shank and I had kudu steak.

We all had to take doggy bags as the portions were so generous.  In spite of the place been very busy, the service was quick and efficient.


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