Stream of Consciousness – 16 September 2017

Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness this week is any word containing ‘vol’   I have chosen the word involved.

I have spent my life getting involved in all kinds of things. Of course it is important to be involved.  You could not really survive if you were not involved.  One’s first involvement is with one’s mother and then the rest of the family and how you handle this involvement determines how you cope with the rest of your life.  I believe all the things I was involved in were right for the time the involvements occurred.  I enjoyed my involvement in everything and was always busy with one thing or another.

When I retired it took a while to leg go of all that consumed my time.  But once I let go I started to enjoy all the time I had to involve myself only in things that I really wanted to to.  Not having a commitment to do something or go somewhere has been liberating and I am really enjoying it. I do believe that there is a time to slow down and let life just happen at it’s own sweet pace.

Don’t get involved, I keep admonishing my darling husband – but he still finds it difficult to let go and keeps getting involved in things he should have let go ages ago.  That’s why we moved away from Cape Town – but the involvements seem to seek him out and drag him into yet another commitment.  Oh well – it’s not too harmful, keeps him out of mischief and when he’s not involving me allows me more time to involve myself in my pleasurable pursuits that don’t have deadlines – like gardening, taking care of my home, reading, writing, learning another language, photography, doing number and word puzzles, bird watching, taking long walks etc. etc.    Life is Good!


Enjoying a quiet glass of wine and a chat with a good friend – it’s all the involvement I need



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