Black and White Challenge – Bikes of any Kind

Last night I saw that this week’s black and white challenge was Bikes of Any Kind.  Oh good, I thought, I have a few in the archives I can use.   We’re away for a couple of days and I was planning to post as soon as I got a chance.  Then this morning we went off on a scenic drive and stopped for breakfast at Diesel and Creme in Barrydale – And low and behold – it was full of bikers!   They were taking a breakfast break from the Buffalo Rally.  What a lot of material they provided for me – and they were quite willing to pose for photos too!  So I’ve abandoned my original plan to post a a variety of different bikes and stuck to the motor cycles of The Buffalo Rally

They gave me so much material but I’ve cut it down to a mere ten photographs!  Apologies!


Diesel and Creme is a popular stop on Route 62


Bikers are always welcome


Diesel and Creme have a collection of ancient things – bikes included


A line-up of incredible bikes


And some more with helmet waiting


Biking boots



A group of bikers kindly posed for me


And allowed me to photograph their helmets


Then they hit the road!


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